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5 Jul 2013

Tour de Fleece 2013 Day 6

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I made batts yesterday by blending two colors together using my drumcarder.

TDF13 July 4 Day 6

In the picture above, the top row is the original colors, and the next rows show the degree of blending. I stopped after blending three times.


3 Jul 2013

Tour de Fleece Days 1-3

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TDF 2013 Days 1 - 3
Well actually it is Day 2 -4 but I can’t be bothered to change it now. I’ve been spinning Jacob fiber and slowly seeing some progress. It takes me about an hour to spin 10 g, so that is my target each day. I hope to get faster as the tour goes on. So this is white, light gray, gold self-dyed.  The spindle is now as full as I can cope with so it will be emptied tomorrow with the three colors being wound into their own little pre-ply ball. Then I think I will get out my drumcarder and do some blending of colors.

Oh, a couple of firsts:

There is ~64 g of singles on this spindles.  That is the most I’ve put on a spindle at a time (I think).

I spun ~20 g of fiber today.  Again, IIRC, I have never spun that much in one day before.  Perhaps by the end of the Tour, I can spin more than 50 g/day!  I’m taking it slow as I don’t want to hurt my shoulder and not be able to spin at all.

30 Jun 2013

Tour de Fleece Plans

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Plans are to spin the Jacob fleece I bought back in 2013 (one of these days I’ll have a finished project from this fleece):
TDF13 Day 1

After the first day, I have some singles, mostly spun before the tour started:

Jacob Turquoise Singles

4 May 2013


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Alpaca Shearing

Alpaca Shearing

14 Jan 2013

Murphy Relaxing

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Murphy Relaxed

9 Jul 2012

TDF Days 5 – 9

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I got a little bit behind with posting pictures of my Tour De Fleece progress.  I finished spinning the singles for the Babydoll Southdown and I am now half way through the singles for the Dorset Corriedale X.

TDF Day 5

Babydoll Southdown Singles

TDF Day 9 Dorset Corriedale X Singles

Dorset Corriedale X Singles

On the carding front, all the turquoise Jacob is done!  I have now started on the magenta Jacob.  This time I am trying to make fluffy rolags and see how differently they spin to the punis I prepared from the other fibers.

TDF Day 5

Turquoise Jacob Punis

TDF Day 9 Rolags of Magenta Jacob

Rolags of Magenta Jacob

4 Jul 2012

Tour de Fleece Day 4: Punis

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I’ve been trying to roll my carded yarn into punis every since I saw one of my Ravelry spinning friends show off hers. I finally managed it:

TDF Day 4: Blue Jacob Puni


I also started on the second half of the spinning my Babydoll Southdown fiber. I might even have yarn by the end of the week:

TEF Day 4:Spindle and Ball of Singles

Ball of singles and spindle

3 Jul 2012

TDF Day 3: More of the Same

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Here is the progress I made as of this morning:

TDF Day 3: More Spinning and Carding

Spinning Babydoll and carding Jacob

The spindle is now empty again as I am half way through spinning the Babydoll-Southdown and I want to make a 2-ply yarn. I also realized that I might be nearly half way through carding the torquoise Jacob too. Which is about on target as each are 1/3rd of my target, so being 1/6th of the way through by the end of today would mean I might even get everything done!

My spinning of the Babydoll had definitely improved; either that or the rolags lower in the bag were better prepared. Babydoll is different to any other fiber I have spun before and I am excited to see what the final yarn will look like.

2 Jul 2012

TDF Day 2

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More of the same really:

 TDF Day 2: Spinning and Carding

I need to do more spinning and, therefore, less carding.

1 Jul 2012

Tour De Fleece Day 1: Prologue Day

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Despite being completely exhausted due to catching the red-eye back from Vegas Friday night, last night I managed to do a little towards my TDF goals.

Fiber was carded:

TDF Day 1: Rolags of Torquoise Jacob

Torquoise Jacob Rolags

And a tiny sample of yarn was spun:

TDF Day 1: Babydoll

Babydoll singles on IST Spindle

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