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28 Mar 2015

Postcard: Hugpile

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Hug Pile

Found on Google Images upon searching for “Hug Pile”


19 Feb 2010

FO from 2009: Saving the Best Until Last?

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I finally had the tripod set up and so took pictures of me wearing my Kaffe Fasset Squiggle Vest:

Squiggle Vest

As per usual, I changed the pattern to knit the vest top down.  It was still worked back and forth as it is in cotton;   I do not know if you can steek yarns other than wool and did not want to find out on this project.

It is very pretty:

Squiggle Vest Neck Detail


Pattern: Squiggle Stripes by Kaffe Fasset in Kaffe Fasset Knits Again

Yarn: Mostly Knit Picks Shine Sport plus some Jaeger Pure Cotton. I tried to match KF’s colors but it was hard to tell what a color was by its name.

Needles: 2.25 mm/US 1


I changed the pattern to a top down vest using Barbara Walker’s wonderful book, Knitting from the Top Down.  I also added a wider button band using two colors rather than the picot edging.  Oh, while I changed direction I knitted the vest, I followed the charts the right way, so essentially the squiggles are upside down.

Here’s a side/back view:

Back of Squiggle Vest

This was the project that killed my needle, remember back in the summer when I had some knitting disasters?  Fortunately, it snapped when I was knitting the bottom hem and so there was only one color on the needle.

BTW I knitted and completed 24 projects last year.  That is slightly under one a fortnight (US translation: one every 2 weeks).  They are all shown here and I will add a link to my sidebar —>

15 Oct 2009

Happy Blogaversary to ME!

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Pink Cosmos

Pink Cosmos

I’ve been blogging since 2005, so my blog is now 4 years old.

And I still mean to write more science posts one day!

4 Jun 2009

Health Care Reform ’09

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Last Friday, I went to hear Dr Howard Dean talk about health care reform.  This is a good article about the meeting.   Since that meeting President Obama gave this speech and Dr Dean announced publication of his book on health care reform.  Coming from the UK, where there is universal health care, improving coverage in America is very important to me.

As some one who grew up with what has been variously (by Americans) called single-payer health care or socialized medicine, I do have a hard time understanding why there is not universal coverage in America. (more…)

2 Jun 2009

Silence in the Enemy

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Please visit Intersection and read about the new initiative that Sheril Kirshenbaum has started in support of women and children throughout the world, particularly in Liberia, who have been raped and sexual abused.  Isis has more.


6 Apr 2009

I knew it, Murphy is plotting

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5 Apr 2009

Early Spring Flowers Photo Essay

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Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.




Purple Crocus

Purple Crocus

Yellow Crocus

Yellow Crocus

Copyright © 2009 CDAVIES

10 Mar 2009

Bad Cold

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I have had a bad cold for a week which has knocked me out. Blogging should resume sometime soon.

2 Mar 2009


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Currently I am at 198,714 visitors to my blog. Can you guess which day I will reach 200,000? If you guess correctly and you are a knitter – you will receive yarn – type undetermined as yet. But I have some pretty nice yarns in my stash.

If you aren’t a knitter or if you prefer this prize, I will knit you a hat – color and yarn type to be negotiated. Probably a fair isle hat based off this but in colors of your choosing.

Fair Isle Hat

Fair Isle Hat

So put your date guess in the comments. Closest wins.

Update March 5 2009 4 pmish Comments now closed as I am 30 from 200,000. So I will have reached the target either tonight or tomorrow.

I have emailed Jennie for her deepest desires, i.e. yarn or hat and what color. I will post more about the prize later. In the meantime starting thinking for when the 250,000 visitor will arrive because I will have another competition for that.

1 Mar 2009

March Scientiae

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The March edition of Scientiae is posted over at Liberal Art Lady.  If, like me, you are about have lots of snow dumped on you, this great carnival about women in science and their role models will be a good way to wile your time away.

In fact, even if you aren’t going be buried under umpteenth inches of white stuff, it is a good way to spend a few hours.

And I got first mention!

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