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25 Jul 2014

Postcard from England: Dad’s Garden

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Dad's Garden

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2 Jan 2012

2011 Photo Round Up

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My 2011 knitting summary will come later.  In the meantime, here are twelve photos from 2011:

Last year I took part, for the first half of the year, in 25of2011, the idea being to take a themed photo each week.  One of the first photos I took was titled “This is Me!” for which I stretched the theme a little and also allows you to see a bit of the snowy garden.

This is me!

Murphy makes his first appearance of the year hiding away from the snow and cold. Will it be his last appearance?


After an exceedingly snowy winter, I was glad when spring flowers appeared at the end of March.

purple crocus

April bought more Spring flowers, including cherry tree blossom at Longwood Gardens

Cherry Blossoms

May is the beginning of fiber festival season with Maryland Sheep and Wool. As a keen and eager spinner, I am more than ever interested in the animals whose product I love so much.


I travelled a lot in June. First to England and then to Wilmington VT. I loved the Green Mountain State. Visiting and falling in love with VT, made really devastating when the flooding happened after Hurricane Irene.

I have a large collection of Daylilies in my garden. This was there month. Not sure if they usually flower in July. 2011 was a strange year for gardening.

Orange Daylily

I went home to England again to help Dad pack. He has moved nearer, like right next door, to my brother. This was the last time I’ll visit my childhood home. I took lots of pictures and in some I almost expect Mum to appear around the corner. This was one of her favorite spots, looking at the garden while washing up:

Birmingham House Back Garden from Kitchen

I started a new job and one weekend explored Nockamixon State Park. It has lots of water:


Well, there had to be one fiber related photograph. It seems that I only took photos of spinning in October.

Three Balls of Singles BFL

And here is Murphy again:

Spending some time with family in England.  My Dad and brother now live in St Albans so I had an afternoon of photography of St Albans Cathedral:


16 Jul 2011

Garden Flowers

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Garden Jul 15 2011

26 May 2011

Week 18: SOOC – straight out of the camera

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Late Tulip

Most of my pictures have minimal processing, so this was not a new idea for me. Harder than I expected though.

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2 Oct 2010

I do exist!

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Or at least flowers still bloom in my garden:
'Mums next to rainbarrel

I bought lots of ‘mums to cheer up the garden.  The garden now has lots of color.

The rain-barrel was newly installed with new gutters in August. I now have three rain-barrels.  However, until last week, we had hardly any rain to speak of, so they weren’t very functional.  After Thursday’s rain, this one in the front,  fell over and squashed the new gutter. Full rain-barrels are heavy.  Sigh.  The ground below the breeze-blocks obviously wasn’t as level as I had thought, despite what the spirit level said.

22 Jun 2010

Daylily and other garden photos

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Ruffled Pink Daylily


Nom nom

Yes, I ate the black raspberry right after taking this picture.  Nom, nom.

17 Jun 2010


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19 Apr 2010

Much Maligned Dandelion

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16 Apr 2010

Pink Tulip

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Pink Tulip

29 Sep 2009

Fall Flowers: White Aster

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Little White Aster

Little White Aster

Actually taken the last weekend of summer but asters are fall flowers.

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