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14 Jan 2013

Murphy Relaxing

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Murphy Relaxed


12 Jul 2011

Week #20: My Passion

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It was hard to chose one passion, but to keep it simple I needed to do just that.  One thing I have learned so far is that pictures are better if they are not too busy.  So what is my passion?  I love gardening, fiber arts, music, science…oh and Murphy:

Cat paws
How could you not be passionate about something with paws like that!

17 Mar 2011

Week 8/52 Through a Window

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Out the Window

Out the Window

Murphy would jump out the window if he could, but fortunately the screen stops him.

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10 Mar 2011

Week 7/52: Love

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Love and Valentine’s Day for me are always hard to represent especially in a photo.  I am not really into hearts and romance at the moment. So I tried to compose a picture of some of the things that I love: photo of Mum because I miss her and the rest of the family; fiber and spindle to show my love of fiber arts; flowers indicating my gardening.  Not shown chocolate [oooh an idea for this theme next year just comes to mind], books, music, and Murphy:


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4 Oct 2010

Murphy Monday: Is there such a thing a too much yarn?

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Back in August I took this photo to show you why I must stop buying yarn and fiber. Murphy is there for scale, and attention. BTW he is a long cat.
Recently aquired stash

This is the yarn I bought in July and August.  There was fiber as well.  Oh, it doesn’t include the yarn and fiber I left with my parents to work on when I am visiting. I find it annoying to have to pack knitting and spinning projects and as I visit often, I thought it was worthwhile to have, ahem, two stashes.

23 Aug 2010

Murphy Monday

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As I am sure you are missing him.

I cannot believe I actually posted the right thing on the right day!

8 Feb 2010

Murphy Monday: Sunning

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You haven’t seen his Murphifulness for sometime, so here he is:

Murphy Sunning

In the sun

30 Nov 2009

You Called?

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Cat Picture

You called?

13 Oct 2009


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It is about time I had a Murphy Monday, but I keep missing it because of all the grading and stuff I have to do. So rather than make you wait forever, here is  “Murphy on a Tuesday”.  I asked him to look at the camera:

No camera in here

No camera in here

Eventually he settled down by the window and smirked:

Smug Murphy

Smug Murphy

I can even feel the smirking when he has his head turned.  It is in the ears:

Murphys head and ears

Murphy's head and ears

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17 Aug 2009

Murphy Monday: Visitors

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As you may remember, Murphy became an indoor cat about 15 months ago because he kept getting seriously injured in fights.  It amuses me because neighbourhood cats come by and check up on him.  The most common visitor is from next door:

Not Murphy, Smokey

Not Murphy, Smokey

Yep, I know he looks very like Murphy.  I have to double check sometimes and Lisa (from the comments) phoned me one time to tell me Murphy had escaped.  Seen next to each other (as much as the glass doors allow), you can see there are some subtle differences:

Murphy and Smokey

Murphy and Smokey

This photo might show it better:

Murphy and Smokey

Murphy and Smokey

Murphy is about a third bigger and has a longer tail; but to be honest, I usually tell them apart by the fact Murphy wears a collar and Smokey does not.

Murphy does not always like having visitors and will run from window to window trying to get at the other cat.  Smokey amuses me because he uses my sunny patio for his naps.  There are lots of dogs where he lives so it is quiet here.  Sometimes when he is napping Murphy doesn’t even notice him and I’ll have two gray napping cats, one on my lap and one just outside the door.  No, before any one asks, they are not related.  Murphy came with me from St Paul, MN and Smokey, as far as I know, is DE born.

BTW I’ve been waiting ages to get a picture of Smokey and Murphy together.  On Saturday, I was taking some pictures of my knitting (patience, patience) when Ol’ Smokey wandered by, giving me a great chance to get these photos.

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