Why me?

I’m not the only one who is ill at the moment. His Murphyness has a hole in his right shoulder which is showing the sinews and stuff as he has licked it “clean” so much.

Now he is walking around the house banging into walls, the floor, chairs. Just to show me how stupid he is wearing an e-collar. I can hear crashes all over the house when he dares to move.

I had to feed him earlier with a spoon. And still half the food fell into the collar.

Amazing, he is on my lap and purring. Despite wearing a stupid collar.  Cats are very resilient.  Hopefully, that hole in his shoulder will clear up soon.


3 thoughts on “Why me?

  1. Poor Murphy. He does not sounds happy with the collar at all. The bigger question is how did he get a hole in his shoulder? And if it is an actual hole that you can see into his insides (which I take it is what you mean by sinews), isn’t more needed than a collar?

  2. Hi Lisa

    I did think about taking him the vet, but a vet would just put him in a head collar, clean up the wound (which Murphy had cleaned very thoroughly already) and charge me lots of dollars.

    If healing wasn’t occurring or Murphy had stopped eating, purring, shitting, sleeping, he would have been straight to the vets.

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