Cat Tales: Let Me OUT!

About a month ago, Murphy came home from a raucous evening limping and looking generally sorry for himself. Not wanting to go through this again, I rushed him to the vet. Fortunately he did not need stitches this time but he had claw marks all over his front and did had to have antibiotics. This is more painful for me than for him.

He has recovered but I no longer feel comfortable letting him outside as there is obviously a big cat out there beating him up. So I now have an indoor cat. Who does not quite realize or appreciate this at the moment. Here is a series of photos taken when I was outside and he was not.

Hey, can I come and play?

Can I come and play?

Open this door NOW, I tell you, NOW. Dammit. I’ll scratch it down if you don’t open it NOW.

Out out now now now.

I am seriously pissed off about this:

Pissed off pussy

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7 thoughts on “Cat Tales: Let Me OUT!

  1. Poor Murphy! He does look angry, but keeping him in is the best thing if he is getting injured. Has he progressed beyond the angry thing into the “Look at pathetic me” thing yet. That is usually Oscar’s first tactic if we won’t let him do what he wants.

  2. Murphy’s pathetic-ness is very verbal – it is hard to represent pictorially the plaintive meows he makes when approaching a shut door.

    His other tactic is to get stuck between the front-door and its screen-door. As I open the screen-door he dashes outside – freedom. He has tried this three times so far, but I have devised a plan to prevent his further success;)

    Mind you, all he did on this afternoon escape was to sniff some flowers and patches of earth. He is now fast asleep, exhausted by his adventure.

  3. Poor Murphy! I used to keep my cats indoors for the same reasons, but the kids started allowing then to get in and out (just by being unable to keep the cats from running by them when they are going through doors). Now we try to keep the cats inside unless we are outside or nearby. I’m too scared to do otherwise. But this little bit of freedom has cheered the cats considerably. Will Murphy stay nearby when you are outside?

  4. Twice

    Since Murphy-the-indoor-cat is a new policy, I am reluctant to let him out at all. As he is used to the freedom of being outside, there are no guarantees as to where he might go.

    Later in the year, I might let him out when I am out and see what happens.

  5. Holy shit!! That’s a fucking pissed off cat!!! Pissed off cats crack me the fuck up!

    (I do, of course, sympathize with his imprisoned ass!)

  6. PhysioProf

    I sympathize with him too; fortunately it is pretty cushy prison he has got himself locked in.

    I was going to write a “Day in the Life of King Murphy Cat” just to show how cushy his Highness’s life actually is. Unfortunately, today me and the CAT are not getting on. He is being his usual demanding self and I wish he would piss off and die [not literally, it is a British turn of phrase somewhat less rude than “fuck off”] and leave me the hell alone. I accept this is my problem, not King Murphy’s. Perhaps later in the week when I’ve got my patience back.

    Uho, here he comes, attention seeking as always; typical fucking monarchy.

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