WIP Wednesday: A Cushion Cover and A Tie

WIP Wednesday

It has been raining a lot here and so I have been getting lots of knitting done. I continued to work on the cushion covers which are Jessica and Robert’s Wedding Present:

Cushion Covers

I mentioned before that the design came to me in a dream. I wasn’t happy with the way it was going so I left working on it for a while. Now I have started again, I have had a few more design epiphanies. So the other sides will probably be better than this one.

I started on a Father’s Day present – a tie.

Dad's Tie

The pattern is Knitpicks’ Silk Tie and is worked on the bias. I am knitting it in Fiesta Yarns La Luz silk as I had a lot left over from other projects. I am a bit nervous as the tie requires a lining to be sewn onto the back. I am hoping that Jessica (of the cushion cover fame above) will be able to help me as she is better at sewing than I am and I am going to visit her in a few weeks. Hopefully, it will all be finished in time to send it to Dad in time for Fathers’ Day.