Friday Food Fables

Zuska mouthwateringly talks about California cheese.  One of my favorite foods.  If only it was as good on the East coast.

China’s FDA says that it must improve it food and drug production

NPR did a news segment about how safe is the American food supply

Is obesity caused by lack of willpower or a food addition?

There are new regulations for the production of dietary supplements. This is a good thing but does not ensure their safety.

Mercury levels in fish are a serious problem. Deep Sea News discusses the implications for sushi

Chad discusses nuking food

Some out of date links that have been sitting around in a draft post for ages.

Revere, Effect Measure, has an interesting post about benzene in soda as the Coca Cola Company come to a legal settlement concerning Fanta Pineapple and Vault Zero Products.

Jake, Pure Pedantry, on whether low carb diets increase mortality.


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