Praying Mantis in the Garlic Chives

I don’t often write about the garden here. Which is odd as it is one of my favorite hobbies along with knitting and singing. This year hasn’t been good for my garden. In the Spring when I should have been getting started I was still too tired to care. The Summer was too muggy and hot; every time I went into the garden I would get covered in weals from insect bites. Finally I have both the energy and the right weather. So Sunday morning I got outside with the camera.

I wanted to share this picture of a praying mantis I found in the garlic chives:

praying mantis

She was in these garlic chives:

garlic chives

The color of these berries is stunning. Unfortunately, they are also attractive as food, so I don’t have this color in the winter garden which was the original idea:

Purple berries

I was lucky because this I had lots of volunteer marigolds – last year it was lemon basil – so despite not gardening I have a few pretty patches of these:


That was also true of sunflowers. I miss not having any Tithonia (Mexican sunflowers) but at least I had some Helianthus so the goldfinches still come to visit.



All pictures (c)cdavies 2006. Take your own 😉