Spinning: Knitting with My Handspun

Coopworth Dark Gray

Coopworth Dark Gray Swatch

I even span the fiber to order!  I wanted to see if I could make something worsted weight and I could.

Obligatory Handspun with Dime Photo

Obligatory Handspun with Dime Photo



Spindle: Ashford Student (70 g)

Fiber: Louet Coopworth Dark Gray

Date of Spinning: January 2010


Needles: US 9/5.5 mm

Size: 13 stitches x ~20 rows

Date  of Swatch: March 2010


Cast on 13 stitches

Work 2 ridges garter stitch

Stockinette for 15 rows with sl, kl and k1, p1 at start and end of each row respectively.

Work 2 ridges garter stitch

Bind off


Spinning Saturday: Abby’s Batt

Spinning Abby's Batt and Lavendar

Abby’s Batts are famous in the spinning world and hard to find;  unsurprisingly if mine is anything to go by.  Called Midnight Madness, the fiber contents are merino, Tussah silk and mohair.  The batt is so soft and cuddly that you could wear it without any spinning and that’s from some one who finds most wool-based yarns itchy.  It is softer than Murphy and not half as meouwee but is is a close call:

Murphy on the window sill

The fiber makes spinning a breeze.  I am making the singles as thin as possible because I only have 35 g and I want this to go as far as possible and it be great for knitted lace.  I should have bought more, but I do have a yarn budget and I overspend on fibery stuff as it is.

Spinning my Abby Batt with Hi-lo spindle

Spinning my Abby Batt with Saacht Hi-lo spindle

On other spinning notes, I signed up for The Mannings Beginning Spinning class in June.  This will give me more information about how to prepare fiber including carding and most importantly I will learn to spin on A WHEEL!