Knitting 2010

In 2010 I attended the UK knit camp in Stirling University and was lucky enough to have classes with Lucy Neatby, Jared Flood and MaryJane Mucklestone.  I visited New Lanark Mills, went on a boat on Loch Katrine and toured the Famous Grouse distillery.   I went to Maryland Sheep and Wool and I taught classes at Knitter’s Day Out. I took a beginning [wheel] spinning class at the Mannings and bought my first fleece.  Needless to say I bought yarn and fiber while at these events. Oh I also did some knitting too.

I started the year knitting Mum a pair of mittens using Anna Zilbourg’s Turkish stitches:
Mum's Mittens

For the Winter Olympic Challenge I knitted a Baby Surprise Jacket:
Baby Surprise Jacket

At the beginning of March I finished my top down adaption of Vivian:

And later on that month I started the first project knitted from my own hand -spun and completed it with no yarn to spare in May:
Shell Scarf

I knit Mum a fun pair of socks so she could be comfortable and think about the garden at the same time:
In Your Garden Socks

I knit a Baktus for Lisa:
Lisa wearing Baktus

I practiced some Orenburg lace making samplers:
Orenburg Lace Samplers

For my guild I tried double knitting with two colors and made a washcloth with a heart which I gave to my friends Jessica and Robert:
Double knit washcloth

I also knitted two pairs of hunter’s mittens (or should that be Huntress’s). The first pair were part of a workshop at my local LYS and I made them delibrately too big for me. I then decided my hands were cold and I was bored of this so I made myself a pair. Here is one of the first pair:

I knit myself EZ Green Sweater in purple Ultra Alpaca:
EZ's green cardigan in purple

For a colleague at work I knitted a baby jacket in the same yarn with the same buttons as the BSJ:
Baby Rickards Jacket

I completed the second project from my hand-spun. This time a gorgeous Abbybatt became a gorgeous scarf:
Raha Scarf

Finally I have four pairs of socks without photos.

  • Our guild had a knitasockalong and in November I finally finished knitting my Fiesta Feet.
  • I knit myself a pair of “in your garden socks”.
  • I knit Mum a pair of socks based on conifer trees.
  • I knitted my brother (size 13 US feet) a pair of socks in cotton. The yarn was self-stripping and my proudest moment came when my sister-in-law commented that the stripes on each socks matched.

I am vaguely impressed as that means I completed sixteen different projects in 2010 or 23 if you count each mitten, sock and Orenberg lace sampler!

FO Friday: First Handspun Knitted Project

Shell Scarf

Shell Scarf


Project Details

Pattern: Adapted from Gail Tanquary’s Fan Shawl.
Yarn: Hand spun
Fiber: Susan’s Kitchen FiberArts BFL Groovy
Needles: US 6/4.00 mm
Started: March 18 2010
Finished: October 20 2010 if you count blocking


I finished knitting my Shell Shawl back in May, but did not have the space to block it as the spare bed was covered with boxes. Even though the boxes have been gone from the bed for a while, I only found the time to block it last week.

I purchased the fiber at Sock Summit last year directly after Abby’s intro to spinning class.  After all she had said to buy something that you love and want to spin.   I spun the fiber with both a Saacht Hi-lo and a Wildcraft Chillis spindle as they have the same weight.  The singles were chain plied to maintain the colors.

Shell Scarf close up of first shell

Shell Close Up


The shell patterns were adapted from Gail Tanquary’s Fan Shawl.

Noro Scarf

Symmetrical Scarf

Noro Scarf

I finished this scarf about a month ago. It was very easy to knit, even though it took me two tries to get right.

Pattern: In K2 P2 rib, in 4 rows/skein stripes.
Yarn: Noro Cotton Kureyon from stash.  Two skeins, one rewound so that you knit from the opposite end of the ball to the other.
Size: 5 ft long
Needles: US 6/4mm
Start Date: January 31st 2009; Finish Date: February 7, 2009

I thought I was knitting this Noro Scarf, which the Yarn Harlot had been waxing lyrically about late last year.  However, I did not check the pattern or anything before starting as I wanted a double ribbed scarf.

As I thought the two skeins were different colorways, it can be hard to tell with Noro, I started knitting from the same end of each.  Until, that is, I realized that the colors were pooling and following each other up the scarf.  On checking their labels, which by a miracle were still attached to the yarn,  I found I had two skeins in the same colorway (#16).  So I frogged what I had, about 6 inches worth;  wound one ball to reverse its color changes and started again, knitting four rows per skein;  one wound straight and the other wound reversed.  Thus,  I ended up with a symmetrical scarf.

Symmetrical Scarf

Symmetrical Scarf

There is a little pooling of purple in the middle but that is usually at the back of my neck so doesn’t show. I love the colors, they so bright and cheerful.

Bright and Colorful Scarf

Bright and Colorful Scarf

A technical change I did for the first time on this scarf was to slip the last stitch of each row. This meant that when I got to a color change, I knitted with it straight away. Before I used to slip the first stitch of each row, so the new color started on the second stitch, which causes the yarn not being used to pull tight. Slipping the last stitch seems to prevent that tightness from occurring.

FO Friday: Diane models her hat and scarf

Diane modeling her hat and scarf

Diane modeling her hat and scarf

I don’t like posting people’s picture to my blog so I blurred Diane’s face in this in.  You can still see how well the hat and scarf suit her.  Here is a side few, where I have tanned Diane to match the restaurant walls:

Side view of Diane in her hat and scarf

Side view of Diane in her hat and scarf

Here are the project details:

Scarf: Grumperina’s Shifting Sands Scarf

Hat: Adaption of Shifting Sands pattern to fit with a top down knitted hat.

Yarn: Texas by Pine Tree Yarns

Needle: 4 mm (us 6.0)

Started: July 14th 2008

Finished: November 9th 2008

As you read this I am on my way to the Science Blogging Conference in North Carolina.  I will be, hopefully, blogging as I go.  I am hoping that this conference will inspire me to write more science posts.  If only I had more time.

WIP Wednesday: Startitus

I have been having a spasm of startitus.  This is partly because slogging through the Fluttery Top is doing my head in.  Yes, I want to finish it so I can wear it but at 10 rows per inch and 8 inches to the bottom…  My startitus is also due to the fact that I am about to travel for two weeks.  I need traveling knitting and something to keep my hands occupied when I am with my family.

Baby Bear Sweater

Baby Bear Sweater

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Knitting Pattern: Steeked Scarf

Finished scarf

I wanted to practice using steeks before I made a waistcoat for my dad that needed them.

So I decided to make a scarf in the round and then cut it open. This scarf was meant to be for the Orphan Foundation’s Red Scarf project but I finished it too late, so it will be stored until next years campaign.

Here are the instructions so you can do it too. Continue reading