Raindrop on Grass

Raindrop on Grass


Garden Photo Project

I am doing a photographic project of the garden. I thought about this in January but I’ve only just started. The idea is to take a day a month and take photos of the garden every couple of hours from strategic locations: The four corners and three or four other spots.

I started this morning at 7.30 – I probably should have started earlier – and have had two more photo shoots since. I am not going to bore you with all the pictures now, but it is interesting to see how the sun moves around the garden. I am hoping it will help me plan the garden better, because I feat that my vegetable garden has ended up in deep shade most of the day. It does not matter at this time of the year, but next month and beyond it will be important as most vegetables require full sun. I hope to post series of photos from the same vantage points.

After today, I intend to repeat the photo shoot every month for the rest of the year. The photos will get more interesting as the garden comes back to life.

In the meantime, I give you the herald of Spring:

All photos: Copyright © 2008 cdavies