Try and try and try again, my friends.

Nothing in the world can take place of persistence.

Talent will not…

Genius will not…

Education will not…

Persistence and determination are omnipotent.

Calvin Coolidge

(From Yarn Harlot Daily Calendar Sept 27 2009)

This is how Murphy-the-cat functions; persistence and determination will beat me down every time.  Meow.

SBC09: Blogging for High School Science Classes

High School Science Blogging

I just got back from the Science Blogging Conference and here is a photograph from the best session I attended. These High School Students (and teacher) told us what they were up to in their Biology classes. In particular I found it interesting how they use the internet to communicate with each other and with the teacher.

It has given me much food for thought for my classroom, but unfortunately I think I need to teach them how to use Word and Excel before starting with a Twitter discussion group. I am hoping that e-learning (Blackboard) will help with teaching this semester.

There are more pictures from the different sessions I attended on Flickr.