Y is for…(photo essay)








and yarn.

I think you get the picture.


W and X are for…



In my garden there are many trees.  One of the most interesting is this corkscrew willow tree.  Unfortunately, as you can see, back in May when this photo was taken, much of this tree was dying.  This last week the tree was chopped down and became and X-willow:

X-Willow tree

X-Willow tree

I am sad to lose this tree.  The garden looks different, rather bare:

Back garden sans willow

Back garden sans willow

And I will no longer have the opportunity for pictures like this one:

Iced Tree Feb 2007

Iced Tree Feb 2007

At least I don’t have to worry about branches falling on the fence and damaging my neighbors’ property:

Tree last month

Tree last month

I hope to get 3 -4 apple trees and a flowering cherry to fill along the back fence.  That should make up for the loss of the willow tree.

S is for…



scarves and shawls.

I was going to use Selly Oak for my “S” as this is the area of Birmingham (England) that my parents live and I grew up. Unfortunately, I could not find any decent photographs of my home from home, so I will have to rectify that when I visit at Christmas.

I also considered S is for singing as I love to sing but that would be a repeat of my “M is for…music” post.

So I had to substitute my S to one of my favorite forms of knitting.   I love making scarves for myself and for other people. With scarves and shawls, you do not have to worry about gauge and you just knit until it is long enough.  Additionally, when knitting a scarf you can try out patterns that you would not be brave enough to use on a whole sweater.

M is for…


I initially thought of doing a music mosaic of my collection of music photos, similar to K is for…Knitting. However, these are pictures of other people performing – I wanted to represent my involvement with music. The photo represents some of my favorite pieces or composers/groups to sing. Unfortunately, currently I am having a rough time mentally with singing; it is not as clear cut as shown in the top photo:

Scores - out of focus

As I went to delete this picture I stopped as it represents my current relationship with singing and making music.  What is up with me?  Why have I stopped singing?  I’ll get it sorted out before I go to Southern Week at Ashokan.

K is for…

K is for…, originally uploaded by Lab Cat.

I couldn’t decide which image to use to represent my K.

Which is knitting of course. So you get 36 images this time round; details are:

1. First Cushion Cover Center Detail, 2. Turtle Washcloth, 3. eight sided nunumaya, 4. Cushion Cover Designs, 5. Lace Scarf, 6. Lace Scarf Chart, 7. Yarn for Trivial Pursuit Cushion Cover, 8. Jester’s Jacket, 9. Campesino Purse, 10. Dad’s Zipped Vest, 11. Patch for Blue Freestyle Vest, 12. Yarn for Blue Freeform Vest, 13. Alpaca, 14. Corners of red and white washcloths, 15. So soft., 16. Completed Mystery Stole, 17. R&M’s Baby Blanket Signature Detail, 18. R&M’s Baby Blanket, 19. Triple ‘R’ Farms Sock Merino, 20. Sheep Washcloth, 21. Cable Hat, 22. 5 point bag front, 23. Celestial Merino Scarf Detail, 24. Log Cabin Afghan, 25. Peplum Jacket, 26. MSW Brook Farm Fibers, 27. south west shawl 1, 28. Freestyle Cardigan Detail, 29. Fair Isel Hat Detail, 30. Modular Cloak, 31. Dad’s Tie, 32. Top Down Skirt Detail, 33. Detail of Baby Blanket, 34. Chenille Cotton Modular Waist Coat, 35. Icelandic Waistcoat detail, 36. Freestyle cardigan Back

F is for…

Garden Salad


If you knew me at all my F shouldn’t have been difficult to guess. I am totally obsessed with food, but not in an unhealthy way. When I was doing my PhD we used to joke that not only did I eat food like everyone else, I cooked it. As I lived on my own this was unusual. I also had a community garden, so I grew my own food. Finally, I was doing a PhD in Food Science, so I was studying food too. How intense was that? Now, of course, I teach about food as well.

We all need food. Without it we would die.

In fact I am so excited about food and my “F” that I am having a food fest for the next two weeks. I am not going to promise that I will only post about food*, but I am going to try to center my blog around food science, food, molecular gastronomy. If you want to join in my Fortnight-long Food Fest, post a link in the comments.

Over the last month in the background I written a review of Michael Pollan’s new book, “In Defense of Food” and I will be posting that in four parts over the next two weeks. In the meantime if you can’t wait here is the Google Search for everybody else’s review. I have not read them yet as I wanted to give my perspective.

To get you warmed up, there a couple of earlier posts influenced by the book:

In Defense of Food Science

Gary Taubes and causes of obesity

Additionally over the next two weeks, I will also find other food themed items to write and share with you.

*I might finish a knitting project and have to share it with you. Nothing is certain around here.

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