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10 Dec 2008

Y is for…(photo essay)

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and yarn.

I think you get the picture.


15 Nov 2008

U is for…

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Uncle Stan 1931 - 2007

Uncle Stan 1931 - 2007

It could also be for untimely as I posted by V before my U.  I do know my alphabet, it just took me some to find a picture for my U.  For some reason I do not have many digital images of my Uncle.

4 Nov 2008

V is for…

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I am always a bit nervous going to bed on an election result I think is won.  This occurred after Gore lost Florida between my going to bed and me waking up in 2000.

But this one seems safe to call.

V should also be for Voting as it was my first as an American!

25 Sep 2008

S is for…

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scarves and shawls.

I was going to use Selly Oak for my “S” as this is the area of Birmingham (England) that my parents live and I grew up. Unfortunately, I could not find any decent photographs of my home from home, so I will have to rectify that when I visit at Christmas.

I also considered S is for singing as I love to sing but that would be a repeat of my “M is for…music” post.

So I had to substitute my S to one of my favorite forms of knitting.   I love making scarves for myself and for other people. With scarves and shawls, you do not have to worry about gauge and you just knit until it is long enough.  Additionally, when knitting a scarf you can try out patterns that you would not be brave enough to use on a whole sweater.

4 Sep 2008

R is for…

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With my love of books, what could be more obvious? Actually, the photo is a lie as I do not, yet, wear glasses for reading.  If I was clever I was take a picture similar to Renoir‘s painting, but I’m not that fancy a photographer.

30 Aug 2008

Q is for…

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As in the British term queue.  Also used in Ravelry for the list of projects I have seen and would like to knit some day, one day soon.  My current list 26 projects but this doesn’t include some self design ideas or other projects I been storing in my head.

For those of you lacking access to Ravelry, my queue starts like this:

Lab Cat's Ravelry Q

Lab Cat's Ravelry Queue


Lab Cat's Ravelry Queue

Lab Cat's Ravelry Queue 9 - 13

7 Aug 2008

P is for…

Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger, whom I saw in concert last night at the Sellersville Theater.  He is 89 years old; I hope when I am that old I can still do what I enjoy most – knitting, walking/hiking, science.

The concert was with his grandson,Tao Rodriguez Seeger:

Tao at Sellersville 6 Aug 2008

Tao at Sellersville 6 Aug 2008

And Guy Davis:

Guy Davis, Sellersville 6 Aug 2008

Guy Davis, Sellersville 6 Aug 2008

All three performers were fabulous, the music and the story telling and the singalongs…

Tao, Pete and Guy

Tao, Pete and Guy

More photos

Sellersville is a lovely venue, pity it is so far away, it was like being part of a small community; especially as behind me were people I knew from Clearwater Festival.

I am still psyched about the show; hearing great folk music and joining the singing along, as you are obliged to do at a Pete Seeger concert, means that I am really excited about going to Ashokan at the weekend.

As always photos are Copyright © 2008 CDavies.

2 Aug 2008

O is for…

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Orange Juice

Orange Juice

Good Morning!

I need orange juice every morning like other people need coffee or tea. I can live without most things, but not OJ. My preferred is Not From Concentrate with Pulp.

14 Jul 2008

N is for…

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I was going to use another N until I caught a cold and my nose demanded attention.

I am fond of my little pert nose, despite its extreme response to scent and odors.

When I was in my early teens I spent a day going round looking at every one’s noses.  You should try it, it can be very amusing.

16 Jun 2008

L is for…

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I had thought of lawn mower, because I am fond of my little cordless electric mower and I also quite like mowing the lawn.

Then I was doing something, probably cutting my toe nails, and I realized that of all my body parts I am probably fondest of my legs. They’ve stood by me (pun intended) when times were rough. They respond to my every wish. They cope with Murphy scratching them when he thinks he is about fall off my lap (cat person abuse and perhaps I shall rename myself Cat’s Lap). My legs have taken me up hills and down dales I could not have gone to without them.

Thanks legs.

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