Week # 12: Old/Decayed/Abandoned: This Old House

This old house.
Driving through southern PA with another purpose in mind but with the camera just in case I see something to fit this week’s theme. It is interesting how many houses have been abandoned and left. This one fits all the themes as it was obviously abandoned sometime ago; the tree with the split trunk in the back center is blocking where the door should be:

However, there were daffodils growing still in what would have been the garden.

We also saw this house, which was especially poignant because of the Jack o’ Lantern in the rubble. Not sure what the story was but a new house was being completed behind.

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Week 10: Vanishing Point

New yarn.

I wanted to take a picture for this week’s topic (Vanishing Point) that wasn’t of a road or railway or river or path going off into the distance.  Mainly because the roads aren’t that exciting or straight around here. So after winding some hand-spun yarn onto my niddy noddy and staring at it over dinner, I realised its potential. The B&W shot is best as the yarn is white and pink, which was a little distracting from the theme.

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9/52 Diptych

From seeds to seedlingsI was having a hard time deciding how to do my diptych for the week’s photographic challenge. Last year I went over the top and then I got discouraged about taking photos every week as it took so much time in Photoshop.  This year, I didn’t collaborate and  I did a very simple theme.  I used PowerPoint rather than Photoshop.

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Week 7/52: Love


Love and Valentine’s Day for me are always hard to represent especially in a photo.  I am not really into hearts and romance at the moment. So I tried to compose a picture of some of the things that I love: photo of Mum because I miss her and the rest of the family; fiber and spindle to show my love of fiber arts; flowers indicating my gardening.  Not shown chocolate [oooh an idea for this theme next year just comes to mind], books, music, and Murphy:


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Week 5: Water

Week 5: Blue Ice

I decided that playing with ice cubes and food coloring would fit the theme for this week, which was water. I have an ice cube tray that gives jigsaw puzzle shaped ice cubes. I discovered how difficult it is to take pictures of ice cubes and how easily food coloring transfers to fingers but being water soluble the color easily washes off (phew!).

3/52 of 2011: Memories

This theme fell in the same week as Mum’s funeral.  A little too close to comfort.  All I had energy for was to take a picture of Mum’s photo board my nephew nicely arranged for us.

Mum 1931 - 2011

Mum 1993 - 2011

When I next visit Dad in England, I intend to scan all the pictures on to a computer so we have an album of Mum for memories.

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