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29 Jul 2011

Week 23: Long Exposure

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By Candle Light

I haven’t really done this kind of photo before, so once again I had to pull out my camera’s instruction manual and find out how to do it. Then one morning waking up at 5 am I played with fire.

And phew, I made it halfway!


21 Jul 2011

Week 22: Hot

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Mum grew lots of cacti. It was an amazing but dangerous collection. This one was particularly spiky and sat near a light switch.

Some like it hot

12 Jul 2011

Week #20: My Passion

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It was hard to chose one passion, but to keep it simple I needed to do just that.  One thing I have learned so far is that pictures are better if they are not too busy.  So what is my passion?  I love gardening, fiber arts, music, science…oh and Murphy:

Cat paws
How could you not be passionate about something with paws like that!

10 Jun 2011

Week 19: Say it with flowers

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Bugle Weed

Of course this week I was hardly home and also had very few flowers out. It has been a strange spring with large gaps between flowering. The bugle weed above is saying “mow the lawn”

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26 May 2011

Week 18: SOOC – straight out of the camera

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Late Tulip

Most of my pictures have minimal processing, so this was not a new idea for me. Harder than I expected though.

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19 May 2011

Week 17: Architecture

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Garden Design

Garden Design

This week’s theme was architecture and I just never found time to go and visit appropriate buildings.   So I gave up and took a photo of a landscape design.  This was drawn for my garden in 2000 just after I moved in to my current house.  I was lucky that I had ~20 designs drawn by the landscape design students.  This was one of the best.

I didn’t really follow any of the designs as I was able to move things like the AC to the back of the house and put a deck in from the kitchen.  Seeing the designs was very helpful though.  It would be quite useful to have followed a design as at the moment everything is growing so fast that I cannot tell what is lawn and what is flowerbed.

Garden will not stop growing

Garden will not stop growing

The thought of clearing everything up is quite daunting.  When it finally stops raining I will have to divide the garden into square feet and clear one foot at a time.  Otherwise it is a bit deer-in-the headlights and nothing will get done.

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12 May 2011

Week 16: Reflections

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Longwood Gardens has lots of lakes and streams. It was sunny on Maundy Thursday, so a bit too bright for great reflections. In the shade was great, and I ended up with more than enough pictures.  As I couldn’t decide on one, I made a triptych.

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5 May 2011

Week 15: Time

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Out of time

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28 Apr 2011

Week 14: Motion

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spinning motion
The theme for week 14 was motion. On the same week, there was a spinning challenge on my favorite group in Ravelry. I had to finish spinning a self-imposed amount of spinning by Sunday evening. Since spinning is motion I combined the weekly photo-theme with the spinning challenge.  I took the photo using  my camera on self-timer and tried to keep the spindle in front of the lens.  This was not easy as usually the spindle moves down while I try to keep my hands in the same place.  The picture above is where I was flicking the spindle to set it in motion.

Here is the other picture of me spinning that worked:
spindle in motion

Both photos fit the theme really well but I chose the top one as I liked the blurred effect.  However, the comments showed me that non-spinners found it hard to both see and know what is going on, so perhaps the second picture would have been more helpful.  And the spindle is clearly in motion.

The fiber I am spinning was Gnomespun Shetland Combed Top.  I am currently plying two singles together and hope to knit the Juneberry Triangle when the yarn is ready.

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21 Apr 2011

Week 13: High Keys

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Piano Keys

I did not and still do not understand the photographic technique: High Keys, and I am not sure I like it as it can make things look over exposed. So I did my own theme for high keys.

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