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26 Aug 2006

Water Cycle

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At the Clearwater Festival back in June reminded me about one of the most important aspects of water and that is the water cycle. My memory was also aided by the fact that Delaware NEEDS rain, NOW. My garden is dying. My blackberries are dying. So consider this post a raindance!

We are introduced to the idea of the water cycle at primary (elementary) school. The simplest form is: (more…)


12 Jul 2006

Water is Unique

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So how does hydrogen bonding cause water’s uniqueness?

The presence of hydrogen bonds means that more energy is required to convert ice to water and water to steam than for other molecules of a similar size (e.g. methane). So water has a higher melting point and boiling point. This is good for us as it means that water (the liquid) is available at most of Earth’s ambient temperatures.

Another effect of hydrogen bonding is the density of ice versus water. We are all familiar with the ice floating on the top of a drink such as water or coke or scotch. This happens because ice is less dense than water. That means there is less weight per unit of volume. In other words, 1 ml of ice weighs less than 1 ml of water. What would happen if, as for many compounds, the solid form of water was denser than its liquid form? (more…)

29 Jun 2006

Water Chemistry – Hydrogen Bonding

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Perviously I have discussed water’s nutritional properties and how much we should be drinking. This post is a beginning of a series on water chemistry. I’ve been putting off this post because water chemistry is so complicated. Fascinating but complicated.

The easy bit. Hopefully most people realise that water is made up of two chemicals, hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O). There are two hydrogen molecules for each oxygen so water can be represented as H2O.

A single water molecule is typically drawn looking a bit like Mikey Mouse with grey hydrogen ears and blue face:



5 Jun 2006

Water – How much is enough?

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half full



28 May 2006

The missing nutrient?

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I was trying decide what would excite me scientifically to write about next. I still find the interaction of food, tongue and brain very interesting but need to do some background reading to understand what is going on.

So back to Food Chemistry. What, I wondered, is the most important part of food chemistry that everyone should understand? While the chemical nature of food and how it changes during processing and storage are very important and topics I hope to cover later, this wasn’t what I wanted to write about now.


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