SBC09: Blogging for High School Science Classes

High School Science Blogging

I just got back from the Science Blogging Conference and here is a photograph from the best session I attended. These High School Students (and teacher) told us what they were up to in their Biology classes. In particular I found it interesting how they use the internet to communicate with each other and with the teacher.

It has given me much food for thought for my classroom, but unfortunately I think I need to teach them how to use Word and Excel before starting with a Twitter discussion group. I am hoping that e-learning (Blackboard) will help with teaching this semester.

There are more pictures from the different sessions I attended on Flickr.

Yarn Shopping – Chapel Hill, NC

I had some time to spare so I went to “Knit a Bit”, Chapel Hill’s Yarn store. Conveniently placed, IMO, near a Whole Foods market and a Great Harvest is just up the street.

I can’t say that I bought more than I planned as I had not planned on buying anything. As they had soy silk and bamboo yarns I just had to get more colors in different yarn types to match.

Knit a Bit yarns

I’m going to knit a modular – freestyle waistcoat. I can just see it in my mind’s eye.

I have not had a chance to knit any of the yarns yet and now I am going to dinner with these guys. Let the science blogging conference begin!

Science Blogging Conference – 2 days

I’m off to meet the rest of the science bloggers at the North Carolina Science Blogging Conference. It’s this Saturday.

I think there are a few spaces left, so check it out and come along. Put some faces to names and names to faces. Enjoy chatting to a bunch of people proud to be nerds and have fun writing about science. Come to a group dinner and get some good food in good company. All while discussing science and blogging. What more fun could be had.

OK – so I immediately think that there must be a way to include some folk music into this weekend some how. Then it would be a perfect weekend. I’ve already decided to check out local yarn stores.

Still science, blogging, friendly people, good food…fun weekend.

SBC Logo

I’ll be blogging from the conference, hopefully – so watch this space!