Week 16: Reflections


Longwood Gardens has lots of lakes and streams. It was sunny on Maundy Thursday, so a bit too bright for great reflections. In the shade was great, and I ended up with more than enough pictures.  As I couldn’t decide on one, I made a triptych.

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Ice on Brandywine Creek

I stopped for a walk in Brandywine Creek State Park yesterday. When I got there about noon, there was still ice floating on the river. By the time I got back, about 90 minutes later, it had mostly gone from this stretch of the river.

It was a lovely day as I was all bundled up. I did not take many photos as I found that my battery was flat early in the walk; just as I was wondering if it needed charging.

I was lucky enough to catch this chappy:

It is a pileated woodpecker. There seemed to be another one in the same territory so this one was making a lot of noise, sqawking more than banging. I was very lucky to get this shot as I could hardly see the viewfinder because of sun, sunglasses and low battery all conspiring against me.

It has been ages since I have gone for a good walk like that – and it was really pleasant to do.  It was like coming home – when I first arrived in Delaware, Brandywine Creek was one of the parks I would visit a lot.