Comfort Shawl

Comfort Shawl

Comfort Shawl

Pattern Info

Pattern: Comfort Shawl

Size: 36″ square

Needles: US /7.0 mm

Yarn: Bernat Mohairlaine

Started: 24 September 2009;  Finished: 8 October 2009


The wife of my office mate had a bad fall at work and broke lots of things and disclocated other things.  When he told me about her accident she was bed/chair bound, in a lot of pain and dependent on him for everything.  I couldn’t do much to help, but I could  create something to comfort her.  So I knitted this very easy comfort shawl for her.  It can be used around the shoulders or as a lap-robe.

It was very much appreciated and was one of the easiest things I have knitted for a while.  The trick was large needles and pleasant yarn.

Pattern for Square Comfort Shawl

Cast on 3 stitches

Row 1: Yarn over needle knit to end

Repeat Row 1 until shawl is as wide as you want it

*Row 2: Yarn over needle, ssk, knit to last three stitches, k2tog, k1

Repeat Row 2 until three stitches left.


Weave ends in.

Block the h*ll out of it.

Other Shawl Shapes


If you want to make it rectangular, once the shawl is wide enough:

Row 3: Yarn over needle, SSK, knit to end

Repeat Row 3 until shawl is long enough.

Repeat Row 2 as above at *


For a triangle shawl stop Row 1 when shawl is wide enough.

Bind off etc.


Seaweed Socks

Seaweed Socks

I designed these so that the cable would start up the foot and then as stitches were added at the gusset and heel, the cable became wider.  If you look closely you can see that the cables are different on each sock.  I had a better idea of what I wanted the second time round.

Here is the gusset cable increase:

Seaweed socks gusset

Seaweed socks gusset

The cable isn’t quite right yet.  I need to do some redesigning and try again.

Pattern Info

Pattern: Seaweed Socks.  A basic Toe Up sock using Judy’s Magic Loop cast on, 20 stitches total, increased to 52 (13 stitches on 4 double points)

Size: US 7/ UK 5/Eur 37

Needles:  US 1 / 2.25 mm

Yarn: Zitron Trekking Color

Started: During Sock Summit (August 6th ish 2009)

Finished: Sept 17th 2009


The heel was narrow as that’s what I have and I didn’t add many gusset stitches (as I didn’t know any better then) so the heel is fairly short.

The initial cable is a knit 4, cable two, keeping the cable on top. I purled twice on the top side of the cable, and once on the instep. Essentially, it went *p1 K4 p2, knit foot stitches, p2 k4 p1 knit sole stitches* repeat rows as between *  * except for cable rows when you held stitches in front or behind depending on which way you wanted the cable to go.  Except for the p1, the cable patterns were on the top of the foot side not on the sole side of the sock.  Thus there are more stitches between each p1 than between each p2.

The larger cable is double the first cable (described above), the twist of the second cable goes in the opposite direction of the first.  As I went up the leg, I increased the number of center (noncable) stitches.

I think I cabled every 5 or 6 rows, but that was fairly random sometimes.

If any one is really interested, let me know and I’ll try writing the pattern out.

WIP Wednesday: Jessica and Robert’s Dream Cushion Cover

WIP Wednesday

Two weeks ago, I was struggling with this project. My original idea of using Woolly Thoughts’ Curve of Pursuit as a design was not working and I was finding the colors challenging. So I was not making any progress, which I meant I felt guilty as this is a wedding present. An after-the-fact wedding present, but still. A couple of days later, I dreamt a design. I also bought more yarn as I was following Kaffe Fassett‘s Principle: “If you are unsure about the colors, add more”.

So here is the beginning:

Start of cushion cover

After my dream, I sketched out the pattern in my knitting journal:

knitting journal

The top shows one corner in detail and the bottom the whole cover in scale. Click on the pictures for more pictures.

There is a deliberate mathematics theme. The plus signs between the blocks of color, which were in the dream pattern, needed more company. I may duplicate stitch the initials of my friends somewhere on the cover. Mind you, this is one of three – two cushion covers, two sides each – so I could put their initials somewhere else.

Copyright © 2008 cdavies. If you do decide to copy this design in any form, please let me know. A comment here would be sufficient.

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Knitting Pattern: Lace Scarf

I love this scarf and wear it all winter. It was my first ever design. It started as a sampler for lace patterns and then grew into a scarf.

I used three lace patterns from Barbara Walker’s A Treasury of Knitting. The middle pattern is Lace Diamond Chain:

Which is surrounded by Cat’s Paw and Four Stitch Rib:

Between each pattern is a column of reverse stocking stitch (purl on the right side, knit on the wrong) and I believe I slipped the first stitch of every row.

Here is a chart of the pattern. I have only shown the right side rows as the wrong side rows are all purl EXCEPT for the stitch between each pattern.

Read the chart right to left.

I haven’t tested anything from the chart, so I may have made mistakes.

If you click on the chart, it should take you too a bigger version.

The Details


A Touch of Twist” Colour Spectrum. It is a Sport Weight Wool. I used about 100 – 200 yards.


I don’t have this written down. Try a 6 or 7 US (4 or 4.5 mm).

Cast on 46 stitches. Knit four rows.

Start working from the bottom of the chart.

There are 48 rows shown on the chart, because this is one repeat, since Cat’s Paw is 6 rows and Lace Diamond Chain is 16 rows. For my scarf I repeated the chart 5 times, but I like very long scarves.

After finishing your last repeat, knit 4 rows and bind off loosely.

Pattern Copyright ©2008 cdavies

Knitting Pattern: Steeked Scarf

Finished scarf

I wanted to practice using steeks before I made a waistcoat for my dad that needed them.

So I decided to make a scarf in the round and then cut it open. This scarf was meant to be for the Orphan Foundation’s Red Scarf project but I finished it too late, so it will be stored until next years campaign.

Here are the instructions so you can do it too. Continue reading