I feel in love with some Icelandic fiber that I got in a friend’s destash, I am probably about half way through spinning and then I want it to become part of this vest (rav link) or similar but not felted.  I am not sure what to do about the other colors. I spent along time at KDO market looking for the right blues to go with the gray-brown yarn as I want[ed] it to be a study in blue.  One question is whether this project, and other handspun projects, should be spun and knitted all from the same breed of fiber or should I mix and match.  I haven’t looked further for other Icelandic fibers so probably is will be a mixed breed vest.
Louet Icelandic Handspun Yarn Close UP

In the meantime a friend on Rav started her own dyeing business, Schafenfreude Fibers, and I couldn’t resist being one of the first of her online purchasers especially with this polwarth dyed in grassy. My order number was 4.  I am so keeping that receipt.

Schafenfreude Fibers Polwarth Grassy 3-ply

I am still spinning the Fabulous Fibers BFL I purchased in Vermont over the summer. Slowly getting through it. This yarn also wants to be a vest but I don’t think it will work with the Icelandic yarn above.

Three Balls of BFL Singles