So Many Changes

So much has happened in the last few months that I am only now catching up with myself.  In August I started a new position so in the months before included a telephone interview and an onsite interview.  I finally heard that I had the position about a month before I started.  It worked out well as I simply went from one job to the next – I even had overlap in salaries one week.  I am enjoying the work and being in a new environment.

This summer I visited Dad twice.  He has successfully moved to the house next door to my brother; which makes us all happier.  It is strange to think that I will never see my childhood home again.  I mean even if my some strange quirk I did visit, it would be “our” house any more. In June I visited Wilmington VT for a week and had a great time – I still haven’t sorted out the photos from that trip. Knowing the town made the flooding after Hurricane Irene even more poignant; especially with what happened to Bartleby Books. I’m going to try and get back there next summer to help the local businesses I got to know.

I am trying to sell my house as the new position is just too far for a daily commute.  Unfortunately, the market it so rotten at the moment that I am lucky to get viewers despite not (yet) getting an offer.  In the meantime, I am renting an apartment on a farm (!) and Murphy and I commute weekly back and forth between the two homes.  Murphy has a lot to say about the journey on the journey, but seems to be settled in the new apartment and has his routines.  Hiding under the duvet at 8 am seems to be the main one.  Since where I am staying is rural – the occasional weekend I haven’t gone home I wandered out to a local state park, which was gorgeous.  Mum would have loved the lake and walking by the water.

Nockamixon Water

I am keeping myself occupied with knitting and spinning and buy supplies for the same.  During the summer I took part in the Tour de Fleece and washed two Shetland Fleeces learning a lot about cleaning fleeces in the process.
Fleece washing July 23 2011
Initially my water temperature was too low to wash them properly – the water was cooler than the melting point of lanolin, which isn’t very helpful when you are trying to remove the lanolin.  I also learned to study the fleeces and to make selections of the fleece based on the quality of the wool.  With my first fleece I had just grabbed chunks and washed a bit at a time. By the time of the third fleece I divided it into quality criteria and washed each section at a time.
Maryland 398 graded
I also dyed some of the Jacob fleece I purchased last year after my beginning spinning class at the Mannings.
Gold Jacob
Magenta Jacob
Torquoise Jacob
The Jacob fiber is being both drum and hand carded.  I have this crazy idea of knitting a color wheel based on both yarn that has been hand dyed or blended on a drum carder.  Packing up to show my house put paid to those plans for now; I did bring hand carders to the farm with me and have done a little Jacob  fiber prep in the last month.

In September I taught two classes at Knitters’ Day Out, which seemed to well received.  The classes were Marvellous Mitres and Carefree Color.  The former showed three different ways to knit a mitre and the latter got students to play with color without worry.  I had them cutting colors out of magazines to match a variegated yarn I had given them. We got some fascinating selections.  While at KDO I made some friends and feel in love with some fiber that just had to come home with me.


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  1. You always fall in love with fiber. Still I am glad the Knitters Day Out went well!!

    • I know I know, and so I have lots of fiber. I could insulate my house with it. And it takes me a lot of time to spin anything up. But I did get some lovely fiber at KDO but it got packed away in boxes almost straight away.

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