TDF Day 3: Other spinning

I span something not one of my goals this morning.  Before breakfast even. I have been spinning this:

Mad Colors Wild Color

On a support spindle I bought at New Hampshire sheep and wool.

Support Spindle and Bowl
I found having it by my bed gave me something to do that was relaxing. So this morning I had enough yarn to make a 3-ply on my Bosworth mini:

Wild Color 3 ply

You can only see the green and that was just about the only color that stayed whole. The rest barber-poled through out the skein. However, I think I quite like it. I need to wash it as I think I over plied the yarn and I need to see if it still over plied after being thoroughly cleaned and whacked.

I also combed the fiber I washed yesterday. Pippit is beautiful to comb but hard to spin because it has such long staples.

Pippit first yarn

The Shetland that was not cleaned properly on Saturday seems to have cleaned up properly after three more washes. However, I bought some Power Scour for future cleaning as it took five washes in total for the water to run clear with Dawn dishsoap.

Other goals are continuing slowly. Dad’s cardigan’s sleeve is growing and my Trindle is getting fatter and the white Jacob is getting flicked.