Murphy Monday: Is there such a thing a too much yarn?

Back in August I took this photo to show you why I must stop buying yarn and fiber. Murphy is there for scale, and attention. BTW he is a long cat.
Recently aquired stash

This is the yarn I bought in July and August.  There was fiber as well.  Oh, it doesn’t include the yarn and fiber I left with my parents to work on when I am visiting. I find it annoying to have to pack knitting and spinning projects and as I visit often, I thought it was worthwhile to have, ahem, two stashes.


4 thoughts on “Murphy Monday: Is there such a thing a too much yarn?

  1. Where do you live? Because i need to steal some of your stash, love the purple and yellows! Yarn envy anyone?

    • If you live in DE my guild is having a yarn swap on Oct 17.

      Just so you know, but I doubt that I will be giving much of the above away.

    • Mine, all mine. Actually the darker one came from Ray at You could have your own.

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