I do exist!

Or at least flowers still bloom in my garden:
'Mums next to rainbarrel

I bought lots of ‘mums to cheer up the garden.  The garden now has lots of color.

The rain-barrel was newly installed with new gutters in August. I now have three rain-barrels.  However, until last week, we had hardly any rain to speak of, so they weren’t very functional.  After Thursday’s rain, this one in the front,  fell over and squashed the new gutter. Full rain-barrels are heavy.  Sigh.  The ground below the breeze-blocks obviously wasn’t as level as I had thought, despite what the spirit level said.


2 thoughts on “I do exist!

  1. We are mere hours away from the end of the growing season here in Minnesota. I have covered many plants. Most should survive until the first hard freeze. I picked the final 20 of nearly 60 peppers. What a great season for peppers! But, alas, the seasons change. Yet, I do enjoy crunching leaves beneath my feet, so all is not lost 🙂

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