Spindles on Saturday

Resurfacing briefly after teaching summer session.  Intro Chemistry in 5 weeks is hard on the lecturer as much as on the students.  Kudos to the students who completed the 5 weeks!

During the five weeks the tour de fleece took place, which is spinners way of watching cute men in tight lyric while doing their favorite thing,  making new yarn.  I managed to spin a little very day even if only a yard or so.  And it help, I am improving.  It helped that I bought two new spindles at Maryland Sheep and Wool back in May.

First up:  The Breeze from Spinabit

Breeze from Spinabit

The Breeze weights 45 g and keeps on going. I love it. The yarn is part of the Rambouillet I bought to spin into a sweater. I have nearly 2 lbs, so it might take me a while.

Second up: Bosworth Mini

Mahogany Bosworth Mini Whorl

Bosworth spindles are made by Jonathan Bosworth and have quite a reputation. I wanted a light weight spindle to round out my collection and I was happy to get this one.

To show how much I like it, I just spun an ounce of Shetland into singles in a week. Here is an in progress picture:

Shetland Wool Singles


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