FO: In Your Garden Socks

When I knit the last pair of socks for Mum she asked for seven more pairs.

While she may have been joking about the number, if I do one pair at time, it is a reachable target.

In Your Garden Socks
These are her second pair.

Once again Ray at Knitivity came up with the perfect yarn for some one who does not want colored socks (Mum) to be knitted by some one who cannot be without color (me).  Patina looks exactly as you expect.  It made me think of drystone walls and old English churches.

At the same time, Mum’s health means that she is unable to garden as much as she would like.  Gardening is something of a spring, summer, early fall addiction for both of us.  Probably more for her as I have lots of other interests too.

So I knitted these socks with all of this in mind.

In Your Garden Socks toe and gusset

I started with a Turkish cast-on; using the same idea that I did with her mittens which came from Anna Zilboorg’s Fancy Feet book.  Mum has long toes, so this should really help.

The foot pattern represents flowers/grass in the garden.  It is a simple purl/knit stitch that I made up based off the Fleur de Lys pattern on the palm of her mitten.

Gusset increases were centered around the top of the foot as seen in Cat Bordhi’s first Footprints book.  I think it was upstream, but since reading that book, I have put gusset increases wherever and whenever it looks right!

In Your Garden Socks Heel
The ankle is a trellis; totally plagiarized from Lucy Neatby’s Fiesta Foot but worked up the heel in one color. Really called honeycomb but could be considered a trellis.

In Your Garden Socks Cuff

The leg is based off basket weave, in this sock it is representing a stonewall protecting both the garden and the sock wearer from deer nibbling the flowers and toes.

The idea of story socks was totally lifted from Tsarina, after seeing her Abbey Tsock and accompanying story.


Pattern: In your garden socks

Toe Up Sock with Turkish Cast On and Upstream Gussets

Yarn: Down Home Art Yarn Socks by Knitivity. Colorway: Patina

Needles: US 2/2.75 mm

Started: April 1st 2010; Finished: May 22nd 2010 (approx).


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