Spinning: Knitting with My Handspun

Coopworth Dark Gray

Coopworth Dark Gray Swatch

I even span the fiber to order!  I wanted to see if I could make something worsted weight and I could.

Obligatory Handspun with Dime Photo

Obligatory Handspun with Dime Photo



Spindle: Ashford Student (70 g)

Fiber: Louet Coopworth Dark Gray

Date of Spinning: January 2010


Needles: US 9/5.5 mm

Size: 13 stitches x ~20 rows

Date  of Swatch: March 2010


Cast on 13 stitches

Work 2 ridges garter stitch

Stockinette for 15 rows with sl, kl and k1, p1 at start and end of each row respectively.

Work 2 ridges garter stitch

Bind off


3 thoughts on “Spinning: Knitting with My Handspun

  1. Any Spring flower pictures that you can post to make me jealous of your latitude?

    • I was thinking of you as I took pictures and I will post one soon.

      Is it that bad up in Minnesota?

  2. This year, it hasn’t been too bad. We are getting very close to the day when in the morning the trees in the river valley are still brown. But, by afternoon, there is a noticeable green tint to them. That day is my favorite of the year.

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