FO Friday Mum’s Mittens

Mum's Mittens

Mum's Mitten


Pattern: Adapted from Anna Zilbourg’s Fancy Feet

Needles: US 4, 3.5 mm

Yarn: White is Classic Elite Yarns Classic One Fifty; Red is a mystery ball given to me at a guild meeting sometime.

Started: December 11th 2009

Finished: January 4th 2010


The great thing is that they match Mum’s coats.  The bad news is that she is worried about losing them so she doesn’t wear them.

The mittens were worked top down with waste yarn for the thumb, which was knitted top down and grafted in after wards.  The palms had the same pattern as you can see in the thumb:

Mum's Mittens: Back and Front

Mum's Mittens: Back and Front

I had hoped to knit them inside out (purl stitches out) but instinct took over and the rest, as they say, is history.

4 thoughts on “FO Friday Mum’s Mittens

  1. Those are very lovely. They may be the same patterns as my Turkish socks, from the same book!

    I just checked, and yes, they are.

    Why top down for the thumb? Just curious.

    • I knit the thumb top down because I wanted the stitches to be in the same direction as the rest of the mitten.

      • Oh, duh! I was skimming as I read, and I knit my socks cuff down so my mind assumed that you had knit from the wrist. Even though you said you didn’t! Sorry about that. Now it all makes sense.

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