Mum’s Socks

Mum's Socks

Mum's Socks

Pattern Info

Pattern: Toe-Up Socks using Judy’s Magic Cast On

Size: 9.5″ long; 8″ diameter

Needles: US 2/ 2.75 mm

Yarn: Knitivity Down Home Art Yarns SOCK (multicolor); choc-coffee morning fade readers special.

Started: 7 September 2009;  Finished: 23 October 2009


After my last disaster that were Mum’s socks, I admit to being a little nervous this time.  The yarn is fabulous – it was almost as if Mum had ordered the colors.   She is so boring about what color socks she wants that if I did not love her loads, I wouldn’t bother.  Even with all that love, I am NOT knitting black or white socks.  You can purchase those from the store.  At least this colorway from Knitivity fitted her demands to a T and it arrived smelling really nice and is lovely yarn.

I made the foot plain and then the leg was a twisted rib, twisting on each leg in two directions, the middle rib back and front alternatively twisting from left to right. The heel was a reinforced using my usual partridge stitch.

Mum was delighted to get a pair of sock that fit her so perfectly and ordered seven more pairs.  If only I could get her out of the boring sock color mentality.


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  1. I like them. Perhaps you could next knit Mum black and white striped socks, thus filling her color requirements. Or would that be too daring in her book?

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