Kendra’s Blanket

Baby Blanket

Kendra's Blanket

Pattern Info

Pattern: OpArt by Melissa Dominguez

Needles: US 6/ 4.00 mm

Yarn: Worsted mixture from stash with added colors from Plymouth Encore Worsted

Started: May 6 2009;  Finished: November 2009


My friend Beth lives near Dallas, TX so when she announced she was having a baby, her climate excluded many of the more obvious knitted baby objects.  Including a blanket for warmth.  So I knitted one for interested that was large enough for the baby to play on.  Beth is interested in culture and art; it is one of the things that drew us together when we were both at UMinn; so I thought she would be interested in the premise of this blanket.

Being who I am, I was unable to knit this in just two colors, so I started out with several different reds and when those ran out I ended up with a rainbow of colors:

Kendra's Blanket edge detail

Kendra's Blanket edge detail

I finished the blanket in time for Kendra’a first birthday; which is not bad considering that it is big enough for a queen-sized bed.


4 thoughts on “Kendra’s Blanket

  1. Wonderful! I love your colors. What a lucky baby — a queen-size blanket for her already! The design is similar to “Curves of Pursuit” that I found in the British mag, The Knitter. Photos of my progress on my blog. Come visit!

  2. Thank you both for the kind comments.

    It is similiar to curves of pursuit, but OpArt is knit in the round increasing at four points every round. Curves of Pursuit made similarly to a log-cabin blanket by picking up stitches and knitting each side in turn.

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