Saturday Spinning: My First Yarn

As mentioned earlier, I’ve really taken to spindle spinning.  A couple of months ago I took my first singles and plied them into yarn.

First Yarn

First Yarn, from Sock Summit Learn to Spin Kit

I am not sure what I am going to make with it yet.

I also bought my self a new spindle and have filled it once with the groovy yarn I bought from Susan’s Kitchen.

Groovy fiber becomes yarn

Groovy Yarn on Schacht Drop Spindle, used as a top whorl (it can be either)

I have the other half of the groovy yarn to finish and Frog Tree Purple Meriboo, also purchased at Sock Summit:

Purple Yarn

Frog Tree Meriboo

Then I’ll need more fiber.  Oh wait, there is the Coopworth Wool Roving, Med. Gray that I purchased with the new spindle.  But I need color in my fiber collection.

As recommended by Abby and Denny, ten minutes a day worked to make me a drop spinner.  After Sock Summit for about a month it was all I could do to Park and Draft making fairly thick singles at that. One day, when the cat was on my lap and in my way for Park and Draft, I drop spun off to one side without even thinking about it. For another month, I did a mixture of Park and Draft and drop spinning while sitting down. Suddenly I realized that I was preferring to spin standing up.  For a while I would make the yarn as thin as possible if not thinner (hence the thick and thin effect in the top photo) and drop the spindle.  I now mostly have control over the thickness of my singles and usually catch the spindle before it hits the floor.

I have not worked out how to hold a lot of fiber and spin – I usually pull off a clump and hold it tight in my sweaty hand.  I was having difficulty joining in new yarn, but with practice, using smaller clumps, I overcame that challenge.

I succumbed to temptation and purchased Abby’s Respect the Spindle.   Good thing as it turned out as I needed it.  Abby has exercises to try to improve your spinning techniques.  I tried, and mostly succeeded, to spin while dancing or singing.  One exercise I have not tried, but I want to,  is spinning while higher than standing on the ground, she and her friends did it over a cliff! I thought I would try it from the bed.  I would also like to try the paired spinning exercise.  Oh well, as there does not seem to be an active spinning community here I’ll just have to teach a friend to spin so I have some one spin with.


3 thoughts on “Saturday Spinning: My First Yarn

  1. Denny,

    He is quite a sizable cat; what his vet calls in mild amazement, at every visit, a big cat. Not a Main Coon, but large (14 lbs +) and long. If he sits on one leg I lose circulation after about 10 min.

    Oh and he likes to cuddle, as close to my chin as possible. This does not leave a lot of room for a spindle.

    Since I now spin standing, the cat seems to resent spinning as I am NOT SITTING and thereby providing him with lap.

  2. I just thought I’d let you know that the parcel arrived – thank you! I’m having happy thoughts of what to make with it once all the Christmas presents are done! And what gorgeous colours – a lovely choice, and thanks again!

    My friend has taken up spinning and dyeing in a rather large way – she just got her first consignment of her bulk purchase fleeces and was amazed (and her husband was dismayed) when she saw how much the delivery driver was bringing her! However, it must be so fulfilling to make something from absolute scratch. Good luck with the ongoing spinning, they’re lovely colours.

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