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31 Aug 2009


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I made yarn!

I made yarn!

I’ve really got into spinning fiber this summer.  It started back in May when the Knitting Knutz, my knitting guild, had a two hour workshop about the basics of spinning which spent a lot of time teaching us how to draft.  I practiced a bit after this but not really seriously.

At Sock Summit, I took Abby and Denny’s Basic Spindle Spinning class and that was great.  Before even using the spindle we were shown how easy it was to make yarn from fiber:

Plied Yarn

Plied Yarn

Denny and Abby are funny together making the class very enjoyable.  They showed us how to make fiber using a spindle by wrapping and turning, it was a revelation as it was so easy. We learned how to adapt that technique to use the spin of the spindle.  It was very interesting to see the twist in a short piece of spun fiber move up into the unspun fiber making a thread.   One of the students near me caught her twist in a whole chunk (technical term here) of fiber and Abby stretched out across the room, the twist traveled up about 6 feet of fiber. It was very impressive and yet,  I didn’t even think of taking a picture.

The key point for me getting hooked on spinning was Abby saying that you would be a good spinner after 3 – 6 weeks if you practice daily. As that is how long as it takes me to learn new scientific techniques, so it really stuck as doable.

I made yarn

I made yarn

The photos are from the first week after Sock Summit and now, three weeks later I have got it and can almost relax while spinning. I’ve even did some spinning this afternoon with the Murphy-cat on my lap.  I’m not quite confident about drop spinning, I like to park and draft especially if I am using the spindle we got in our class kit (and if the cat is on my lap).  I’ve made quite a bit of yarn and I am ready to try plying when I have enough.

I did make some fiber purchases at Sock Summit and I am sure there will be many many more in my future:

Purple Yarn: Merino and Bamboo

Purple Yarn: Merino and Bamboo

I’ve started spinning with this one because I felt with one color I couldn’t really make too many mistakes.

Susans Kitchen Yarns

Susan's Kitchen Yarns

Susan was great at the Sock Summit, very helpful in giving me suggestions of starting yarn and I love the colors in this roving.  I was not brave enough to start spinning it two weeks ago but now I wish I had more than two spindles so that I could just try it.  Just what I need, another hobby that costs money.  Especially as I have already been told by a friend who also knits and spins that I must now need to buy a spinning wheel. What, huh? Sounds good to me.



  1. Yeah, I didn’t need another hobby either, until that Sunday morning of Sock Summit when I bought a spindle. At least you knew it was coming!

    Comment by pdxknitterati — 31 Aug 2009 @ 9:23 pm

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