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26 Aug 2009

Sock Summit: Turkish Stitches

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Anna Zilboorg

Anna Zilboorg

Turkish Socks

Turkish Socks

Another Pair of Turkish Socks

Another Pair of Turkish Socks

And another pair of Turkish Socks

And another pair of Turkish Socks

Lots of Turkish Socks

Lots of Turkish Socks

Star Toe

Star Toe - yes, toe, not hat top.

My Turkish stitches sampler

My Turkish stitches sampler

Turkish socks were made with the left over yarns from rug making, so they were not soft.  The patterns came from the rugs too. The socks were knit to a very tight gauge with the purl on the outside.  They were knitted from the toe up and there were different kinds of toes, including the one that looks like it has a bobble,  I’m calling it a star toe, but that is probably the wrong name.

So after this class, I want to try lots of different color combinations, including those in the examples of Turkish stitches that Anna bought along.  I  also want to try knitting with the purl stitch on the outside.  I also need to try the star toe.   For this one, I seem to remember that with your yarn you make a figure eight and wrap the middle. Fold in half and pick up the stitches for the toe from the wrap.



  1. Those socks are really beautiful, what amazing colors! I started a toe-up sock using the Turkish cast-on for the first time just recently. It took me a little bit to understand the instructions, but once I did it was easy.

    Comment by mrswhatsit — 26 Aug 2009 @ 9:54 am

  2. Wow, gorgeous. I love all the colors – you know I like brights! Not sure if the little star on the toe wouldn’t be annoying though. Well, in my apartment, it would be an irresistible cat toy and there would go the sock.

    Comment by Lisa — 26 Aug 2009 @ 12:59 pm

  3. Beautiful socks. I had a class with Anna at a Stitches way back in the 90’s; she’s a wonderful teacher. Those socks look familiar; I think they were in her Fancy Feet book.

    Comment by pdxknitterati — 26 Aug 2009 @ 9:30 pm

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