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17 Aug 2009

Murphy Monday: Visitors

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As you may remember, Murphy became an indoor cat about 15 months ago because he kept getting seriously injured in fights.  It amuses me because neighbourhood cats come by and check up on him.  The most common visitor is from next door:

Not Murphy, Smokey

Not Murphy, Smokey

Yep, I know he looks very like Murphy.  I have to double check sometimes and Lisa (from the comments) phoned me one time to tell me Murphy had escaped.  Seen next to each other (as much as the glass doors allow), you can see there are some subtle differences:

Murphy and Smokey

Murphy and Smokey

This photo might show it better:

Murphy and Smokey

Murphy and Smokey

Murphy is about a third bigger and has a longer tail; but to be honest, I usually tell them apart by the fact Murphy wears a collar and Smokey does not.

Murphy does not always like having visitors and will run from window to window trying to get at the other cat.  Smokey amuses me because he uses my sunny patio for his naps.  There are lots of dogs where he lives so it is quiet here.  Sometimes when he is napping Murphy doesn’t even notice him and I’ll have two gray napping cats, one on my lap and one just outside the door.  No, before any one asks, they are not related.  Murphy came with me from St Paul, MN and Smokey, as far as I know, is DE born.

BTW I’ve been waiting ages to get a picture of Smokey and Murphy together.  On Saturday, I was taking some pictures of my knitting (patience, patience) when Ol’ Smokey wandered by, giving me a great chance to get these photos.



  1. When we lived in a student apartment, cats would come by the sliding door and fight with our cat through the glass in the middle of the night. We ended up putting a big sheet of cardboard by the door so we could block off the view at night. That was pretty funny!

    Comment by pdxknitterati — 17 Aug 2009 @ 3:18 pm

    • I have alarms across my basement windows and Murphy would frequently set the alarm off in the middle of the night trying to get at a cat outside. After a few scary nights, I covered up the window and made it inaccessible.

      Comment by Cat — 17 Aug 2009 @ 7:33 pm

  2. Murphy does not look pleased with the visitor at all. I like it best though when he runs pell mell through the house trying to get the other cat. Entertaining for the humans!

    Comment by Lisa — 18 Aug 2009 @ 7:46 am

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