Knitting Uh-ohs!

Perhaps since I have been able to knit more while convalescing I have had more opportunity knitting crises than usual.  In the last two weeks were a couple of doozies.

First up was this:

Look Closely

Look Closely

Here is a close up:

Broken Needle

Broken Needle

It broke towards the end of a heavy cotton project.  I had been worried about the cable join as that seemed to bend 180 degrees at regular intervals.  It never occurred to me that the needle would break off at the shaft.

The photo would have been more impressive if the project was on the broken needle but my immediate reaction was DO SOMETHING NOW.  So I did.  Unfortunately, the only needles I had long enough in the right size were these:

Altermative Needles

Altermative Needles

Which made a rather painful finish for the last few rows.  So I now need a new circular US 1… in metal.

The second knitting uh-oh happened on my return from Sock Summit. While at Sock Summit I finished Mum’s Socks:

Mums Socks

Mum's Socks

Don’ they look great.  I love that fishbone cable up the center:

Fishbone Sockes

Fishbone Sockes

Before I sent them off to my Mum I added them to the next load of laundry as they were in superwash wool.  Big mistake:

Tug, tug! Socks Dont F.....g Fit

Tug, tug! Socks Don't F.....g Fit

Obviously,  I am seriously pissed off about this,  angry and frustrated, so I used lots of words I don’t like to use in public (think Physioprof and add some), but only the cat heard.  Mind you, it is a good thing it didn’t happen to Mum, because she would be sad.  The most aggravating thing is that if I had checked Ravelry for this yarn, I would have read that it does felt despite being labeled “superwash”.

I love the pattern though, so expect that to be written up soon.  Poor Mum will just have to wait awhile for a pair of socks.


8 thoughts on “Knitting Uh-ohs!

  1. Carp and double carp! (read dyslexically)

    Interesting needle; they look like they are bi-color and they broke right where the wood change is? Ouch. Glad you made it through.

    And the sock: have you tried soaking them again, and trying to block them back out? I’ve heard of using hair conditioner in the water, and also of using epsom salts. The file I saved is lost to history, though. Couldn’t hurt at this point, and might help.

    It was so nice to meet you in person at SS! Sorry if I seemed distracted; I was completely discombobulated after five days of non-stop fun.

    Good luck with the socks!

    • Hi Michele,

      It was great to meet you on the last day too. Wasn’t sock summit just fabulous?

      The needle broke where the wood is inserted into a metal shaft.

      Thanks for your suggest about sorting out the felting. I’ll ask our guild members, some one is sure to know. When I got them out the washer I did stretch them as much as I could but it wasn’t enough.

      • Yes, it was really fabulous! And tiring. I didn’t feel back to normal until Wednesday because I was so sleep-deprived.

        Good luck with your sock!

      • Yeah, it seemed to take me three days of sleeping to recover. Good thing I’m not currently working.

  2. I am so jealous you went to Sock Summit. That really sucks about the non-superwash yarn, though. 😦

    For new US1 circular needles, I’m really lovin’ the addi lace needles. Really, really pointy! (Just don’t sit on one)

    So, where’s the pic of the heavy cotton project? 🙂

    • I intend to look for addis. Thanks for the recommendation.

      The cotton project will show up in due cause. Have patience – I want to finish it before showing it off.

  3. Oh, that STINKS about your Mom’s poor socks. And they were so pretty! Well, since the Sock Summit, you should be the expert now, so I am sure Mom will get some more.

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