Raspberry has Thorns

Thorny Raspberry

Thorny Raspberry


2 thoughts on “Raspberry has Thorns

  1. Well, thorny rose or blackberry which I got both in my backyard, or raspberry which I just bought one and ready to plant, serve one additional purpose for me – they’re the best deterrent to neighbor’s cats that come to use my backyard as their toilet box.

    My children raised two cats during their childhood in their mom’s house. Like most cat onwers, they trained their cats to go to litter box.

    So if you don’t provide a litter box for your cats and they come to squat at my backyard as a convinient public toilet, then you better teach them not to step on my backyard because I’ve placed many rose and blackberry vines as un-welcoming surprise.

    Cats are very smart. Ever since I heard a groaning meow one full moon mid-summer night, I’ve not smelled a cat feces.

    FYI, my thumb bled when they got accidently pinched during cutting and laying ‘thorne mine’ beneath soil, hence ‘Green’ thumb became Purple Thumb. But I don’t moan because no more foul odor, stepping on feces, or need to clean them up. BTW, raspberry contains significant amount of polyphenol antioxydants, it worths pinches without wearing glove.

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