Stash from Maryland Sheep and Wool Fest

MSW 2009 Stash

MSW 2009 Stash

Despite the weather – the Saturday of Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival was the second day of a week of rain in these parts, I had a good time at the festival.

I got to eat my annual funnel cake – I only eat this at MSW.  One of my companions commented that she didn’t understand why anyone would want to eat funnel cake, after all it is just fried dough and sugar, and then proceeded to eat hotdogs.

I got to fondle lots of lovely luxurious fibres.  I looked as sheep (the weather was not favorable to photography) and bunnies and lots of gorgeous hand knitted outfits.  I met a few people from Ravelry, which is hard as I mostly lurk so I know them, but they don’t know me.

Yummy Yarns

Yummy Yarns

Oh, and I bought yarn. I would just like to comment that sellers of yarn NEED TO LABEL their yarn or their receipts as I now have two gorgeous hunks hanks of yarn (on the right above), which will be a waistcoat one day soon, but I can only guess that they come from Cavey Family Sheep-Wool Company, either that or I bought the drop spindle from them.

Drop Spindle

Drop Spindle

I know I bought Fizz, left in top photos, from Autumn House Farm, they cleverly told me that it was the last of a specialty run, so I had to buy it!

Jamie Harmons One Ply In Variegated and in Blue

Jamie Harmon's One Ply In Variegated and in Blue

I bought Jamie’s yarn last year, so I had to have more.  The colors are amazing and the yarn (alpaca and merino) is soooooooooooooft.

Sock Yarn to the Rght (Unknown named yarn on the left).

Sock Yarn to the Right (Unknown named yarn on the left).

Finally, I bought sock yarn from Creatively Dyed, won’t the yarn on the right make lovely socks. Mystery yarn is on the left will make a gorgeous waistcoat.  Label your yarns, people!

Oh, I bought some plants from Putnam Hill Nursery who are at MSW every year and I love their plants, as they are cheap and healthy.  My kind of plant.  No photos yet as they were planted before I remembered to take pictures of them.  No doubt you will see them later in the summer when they are flowering in their glory. I bought 3 different salvia.  I have a campaign to grow salvias around my patio.  I am trying to find which ones are hardy perennials and can survive fighting it out with rudbeckia and my form of healthy neglect. I bought five salvias last year, which all died over winter 😦  Wimps.

Yep,  I had a good MSW this year.