I Should Write a Blog Post.

But I am really enjoying gardening and knitting.  The garden is beginining to look very cool, as it does in the spring.  Pictures are over at flickr.  Murphy wants attention NOW! and I want to knit. Both go together actually as He catnaps on my lap while I knit.  At this rate I might even finish a whole cushion cover for my visit to New Hampshire next week.  Sssh, I don’t want to jinx it.  [Looks round for gremlins.]


4 thoughts on “I Should Write a Blog Post.

  1. It’s the Knitting Fates that you have to be wary of. They like nothing better than to smack down knitters who have the hubris to think they may be finishing their project on time.

  2. My sister’s cat prevents me from knitting. I don’t trust evil kitties any where near my yarn. Was working on my sweater and she tried to make off with it.

  3. So going by your two comments, the cat will prevent me from finishing my project but will blame it on the knitting fates. It fits with Murphy’s Law: If something could go wrong the cat was involved, somehow.

    That’s why he is called Murphy!

  4. I have those “star flowers” too! I think they are a species tulip – maybe Kaufmannia. I typically like the simpler forms of flowers as they come from nature – but I also like some of the hybrids, such as Monet, the double-flowered tulips. The species tend to naturalize and come back year after year. Lovely pictures of your beautiful flowers.

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