Knitting Futures – Not a Good Investment

Considering that my WIP really haven’t, progressed that is [1], I spent time at the weekend sorting out my Ravelry Queue.  For the uninitiated, this is the list of patterns, mostly found online, that I have seen over the last year or so, or whenever it was I joined Ravelry, that I want to knit.  I culled the list so that I only have 30 listed.  My desire is for it never to go over 30, so in future if I see a desirable pattern, I have to delete one already in the queue.  There are four projects that have been there for over a year and none are in the top 5, so I should probably start with them on the basis that if I haven’t knitted now, I am not likely to knit them ever.

So once I have finished the cushion covers or the freestyle vest, I will be ready to start my next project or so.

Ravelry Q

Ravelry Q

In fact I am so excited about my next few projects that I am finding it very hard to not cast on. I even sorted out the yarn for the first project in my queue, the OpArt Afghan. This is a long awaited for gift for a baby who is already 4 months old.  Sorry Kendra, your blankie will arrive before your birthday – it just might not be your first birthday.  If Jessica’s and Robert’s Cushion Covers are anything to go by, this blankie may as well be a gift for college or perhaps  kindergarten, to be slightly more realistic.

My second project is for me!  In fact I ended adjusting the queue so that only every other project was for myself.  Over five years ago, I made a New Year’s resolution to “knit for myself” [2].  I obviously kept that one for a good long time.  Currently I am trying to reduce it so that I have one project on the needles for me and the rest are for other people, including a charity knit.  But, I digress.  My second project is for me to attempt my second Kaffe Fassett design.  I had previously knit his Peplum Jacket:

Kaffe Fassets Peplum Jacket

Kaffe Fasset's Peplum Jacket

My third project was recently added after two serendipitous events:

  1. I saw Brooklyntweed‘s beautiful inspiring version of Cisco
  2. My choir director became a grandmother

So hopefully in the future, you will not only get to see finished versions of Jessica’s and Robert’s Cushion Covers and my Blue Freestyle Vest (links go to the Flickr photosets of both) but also the projects above.

[1]  In fact last week, two of them regressed:

  • The first kid’s sock for Afghans for Afghan was going swimmingly. I was almost finished and ready to cast off, but then I decided I didn’t like the pattern I had used for the leg. So I frogged back to the end of the heel.
  • I discovered that the current side of cushion covers (I think it is the third side, but I haven’t finished the second side yet) changed dimensions.  The top was about 4 inches thinner than the bottom. Rippit, rippit.

[2] I was in the unenviable situation of being a known knitter but never wearing anything I had knit because my knitwear was always for some one else.  This, needless to say, is no longer the case.  I would like more hand knit summer tops though.


5 thoughts on “Knitting Futures – Not a Good Investment

  1. I love hand knit summer tops. They knit up pretty quickly, and look so good! Sleeveless = fast.

    The peplum jacket is cute. Are you going monochrome or variegated?

  2. I have added you as my friend on Ravelry. 🙂

    Have you seen the Regia sock yarn in the Kaffe Fasset colorway? I made some socks with it last year and just love them. The colors are gorgeous!

  3. I’m just impressed you have cut it down to 30 patterns. The potential hat for Betsy’s grandson – too cute.

  4. Hi
    If you mean Cisco, I’m going to follow Brooklyntweed’s inspiring lead. It might not be the same color as his though.


    I add you as a friend back. I will have to look out for that sock yarn, but I like putting colors together.


    I know, isn’t it the greatest. I’m so glad she had a grandson, so I could knit it for him!

  5. I say (even though you didn’t ask for advice) pack you queue to the brim. Why not,you deserve a nice long list of dreams!

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