Charity Knitting

I was looking for a new charity knitting project as I have nearly finished one of my current  projects which is for me. It was, I thought, about time I knitted something for some one in need.  But I wanted the charity knitting to be a carry-with-me project – this means I actually get to work on it, if I ever have any down time.

I thought of knitting another Bear for the Mother Bear Project but first I checked out my favorite knitting charity.  As you can tell from the banner, it is Afghans for Afghan.  I visited their site at the right time as they just announced that they want socks, mittens and hats for babies and children.  These are great carry-with-me projects and I get to knit more socks.  A double win for Afghans for Afghan.

What’s more I can knit in wool and I am currently on a wool jag.  I have just the yarn in my stash to use up for this project.  Does that make it a quadruple win?


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  2. Thanks for the link, I’ve heard about this, but forgot about it. Will follow up, i’ve got a stockpile of hats and stuff that I’ve made to donate to something.

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