More Blue Scrumbles

In an attempt to finish my freestyle vest, I knitted two more scrumbles this week.  One was in garter stitch.  I short-rowed on the green variegated patch and I biased the back left blue patch:

Garter Stitch Scrumble

Garter Stitch Scrumble

Looking through Barbara Walker’s Treasury of Knitting Patterns for a stitch pattern I did not find, I came across Coral Stitch.  For my freestyle knitting, I am always looking for patterns for very short repeats in both the stitch and the row.  After all there is a limited amount of garter, moss, seed and p1, k1 rib  stitch I can use.  Coral Stitch fits the criteria ideally, having a 2 stitch x 4 row repeat.

In this scrumble, a couple of the color patches were short rowed, and the variegated green was started by picking up three stitches at the bottom and increasing a stitch either side until I had about 10 stitches.

Coral Stitch Scrumble

Coral Stitch Scrumble

For reference some yarns are repeated in both scrumbles:

  • Forget-me-knot blue in the back of the garter stitch scrumble and in the front left of the coral knot stitch scrumble.
  • The variegated green-blue  yarn at the front of the first scrumble and the back right of the second.

The colors in the second photo are most like the real colors but, even in that photo, the flash makes them too shiny.


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  1. can you explain the coral stitch. all i can find is an explanation of an embroidery stitch. thanks

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