WIP Wednesday: Taking stock

Every so often, about every 2 -3 months, I have to take stock over what I have on my needles.  This time I realized I needed to know how many and what my on-going projects were before I decided what to do next. There is an Aran sweater waiting to come out – rather impatiently knocking at the part of my brain that connects hands and eyes to needle and yarn via design.  Something about interconnected cable diamonds…

So what am I working on currently?

Jessica and Robert’s Cushion Cover Side 2/4:

JnRs Cushion Cover 2

JnR's Cushion Cover 2

They’ll be celebrating their silver anniversary by the time I finish the four sides (two cushions) I promised as a wedding gift.  It is already after their first anniversary.

Scarf and Hat Set

I’m knitting a scarf and hat set for Diane who left for college in August and will need these to keep her warm very soon:

Scarf for Diane

Scarf for Diane

Charity Knitting

My poor Baby Bear for the Mother’s Bear Project just needs his face:

Faceless Bear

Faceless Bear

Only I have yet to feel brave enough to start it – sewing is not my strength.

Mystery Stole 4


Stole being watched over by eyeless bear

Stole being watched over by eyeless bear

Not enough time to think about it and when I do think about it, I want to start something else with this yarn and needles.  The design is not working out to my liking.

Socks and washcloths:

First sock done!

First sock done!

Octobers Chevron Washcloth

October's Chevron Washcloth

So I need to get knitting before I start something else.  No more socks or washcloth and definitely NO ARAN SWEATER until Jessica and Robert’s Cushion cover is complete.  Yeah, right -like that’ll happen.

Oh, I nearly forgot my Blue Freestyle Vest as it is not really on needles any more, but waiting for me to continue joining scrumbles together:

Sadly not enough scrambles have been made

Sadly not enough scrambles have been made

I just found out that a very good friend is having a baby in December and their theme is ladybugs, or as I call them, ladybirds. Hmmm, Baby blanket with ladybug in the middle and around the outside and…stop designing and get knitting.


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  1. The bear. Just go ahead and start the face; it will be finished before you know it, and you’ll have an FO! The other projects will take longer to get that FO feeling. Come on, you can do it!

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