Happy Blogaversery To Me!

I have been blogging for three years.  Amazing.

It is also interesting to see how my blogging topics have changed over the three years.

I started out blogging to inform family and friends about my goin’s on and then I became a science blogger, informing about food science with my most popular post being about beer allergies.  More recently I seem to have turned into a knitting blogger.

What will the next year bring?


4 thoughts on “Happy Blogaversery To Me!

  1. Happy Blogaversary! I suggest for a new topic: Drunk Celebrities. Pictures of an inebriated Paris and Britney would definitely be more popular than beer allergy posts.

    But knitting is good too…

  2. I think the drunk celebrity posts could be amusing – so you know any drunk celebrities??

    Seriously though, congrats on three years of blogging. I enjoy your posts.

  3. I really don’t care about anybody who is drunk let alone Britney and Paris.

    Probably jealous as I can’t drink 😉

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