S is for…



scarves and shawls.

I was going to use Selly Oak for my “S” as this is the area of Birmingham (England) that my parents live and I grew up. Unfortunately, I could not find any decent photographs of my home from home, so I will have to rectify that when I visit at Christmas.

I also considered S is for singing as I love to sing but that would be a repeat of my “M is for…music” post.

So I had to substitute my S to one of my favorite forms of knitting.   I love making scarves for myself and for other people. With scarves and shawls, you do not have to worry about gauge and you just knit until it is long enough.  Additionally, when knitting a scarf you can try out patterns that you would not be brave enough to use on a whole sweater.


5 thoughts on “S is for…

  1. S for scrawls is good BUT if you still want to use Selly Oak, look it up in Google Maps and choose satellite view – I’m sure you could find the aerial view of your home away from home! Send me the address and I could grab a screen capture if you like!

  2. That’s a good idea, but I wanted a particular scene from my neighborhood.

    I have looked up my parents’ house on Google Maps and was able to see where they left the garden bench!

  3. I am a poor knitter, but I find it relaxing, so I like making scarves, too. I can make them for Offspring’s teachers, and then get them to tie the fringe.

  4. Selly Oak, eh? I studied in Birmingham for 5 years, so know the area quite well!

    I love making scarves, too, for all your reasons!

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