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3 Sep 2008

WIP Wednesday: Mystery Stole #4

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Sometimes I need my head seriously examined.  Signing up for Mystery Stole 4 (MS4) was not such a bad idea, after all I had no problems with MS3 last year.  Right, except this one starts on Friday, which is the first week of the semester. My semester in a new college.  However, there is no harm in signing up, I do not have to actually knit the thing.  So why swatch with a mixture of Zephyr silk-merino and Lorna Laces Helen’s Lace:

MS4 Swatch 1

MS4 Swatch 1

And with Louet Linen 14/1 Lavender:

MS4 Swatch 2

MS4 Swatch 2

The second yarn is the one I am going to use.  I decided on this because the dimensions of the stole are on the big size.  We were told the final stole will be 60″ x 72″ but as a loose knitter I was worried that mine would come out bigger and I am only 62″ tall and do not want to be swamped when I wore it.  Even if I gave it away, most people I know who would like this are little people like me.  The flax swatch is about half the size of the silk/merino swatch and I have always wanted to knit with flax, after all I worked with the seed in my research.

Beads on flax swatch

Beads on flax swatch

Additionally, I obviously bought the beads to go with the linen yarn as they, the darker ones lower in the picture, show up beautifully with the flax and hardly at all with the silk/merino:

MS4 Initial Garter Stitch Swatch with Beads

MS4 Initial Garter Stitch Swatch with Beads

I wonder how far I’ll get with the actual stole.  At least I now know that the Helen’s Lace Multi and the Zephyr Jade go perfectly together and I should do a project with them together sometime.  For some one else.


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