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29 Aug 2008

Summer Time

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This Gershwin song totally describes summer.  Summer is the time to kick back and relax.  I can recharge my batteries, sit under trees to read and knit, visit friends and family,  go to music festivals and attend conferences.  This summer was particularly good as for the first time in many years I did not have to worry.  I have a great new position and I have no need to get research done. I was able to enjoy myself, get some new experiences and work towards my new position.

I do miss doing science and one of my biggest regrets is that my writing on science, especially for this blog, has been practically nonexistent.  Last year I could hardly bear to look at New Scientist let alone read a journal article.  A few months ago, I started reading about science again, especially food chemistry but also general science.  I intend to start posting snippets of science information when they come to my attention.  They shall be one paragraph posts without much commentary.  Hopefully they will inform you of what I found interesting, and get me started writing about science again.

This weekend is the last week of vacation for many people and summer ends for me with the beginning of a new position at a new college and so I have to start thinking about the next semester.  Gulp – I start teaching on Sept 2.



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