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25 Aug 2008

Music Monday: Ashokan Southern Week

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Instruments at Ashokan

Instruments at Ashokan

I was thinking that I didn’t have any pictures for Music Monday, but if you click on the photograph it will take you to the set of almost 100 pictures I selected from the over 400 that I took two weeks ago at Ashokan Fiddle and Dance camp: Southern Week.

It was an amazing week. Due to the exhaustion I suffered working and playing hard at Ashokan, I rarely went to bed before 1 am and regularly got up by 8 am the next morning, I was unable to do any posts early last week! Next time I will have two weeks of posts lined up so I do not have to worry about neglecting my blog readers.

I should write any essay about the week, but it was very aural – even the pictures don’t satisfy the senses. You would have to put at least three CD players on all playing different music:


Courtney playing fiddle

Courtney playing fiddle

Appalachian Old Timey Music:

Radio Hour Initial Jam

Radio Hour Initial Jam

Playing alone on a guitar or fiddle



and don’t forget singing

Singing Group and Campers Night

Singing Group and Campers' Night

and dancing:



Conclusion for me:

  • As I suspected, the singing style results being very low in my voice so I do not find it as enjoyable as classical choir, but I can do it and it is good to use that part of my voice.
  • I cannot find rhythms easily under pressure and, while it looks fairly straight forward, flatfoot dancing is hard. As shown in this video:
  • I tried both mandolin and accordion and decided that a mandolin would be more fun and I could sing at the same time as playing. I have every intention of getting one in the next month or so.

As you expected all photos  copyright ©2008 cdavies. Can be used with permission.



  1. What instrument do you play? That looks like an amazing experience at Ashokan.

    I love that singing down in the basement of my voice. I get to pick the key because I’m the one playing the guitar! But it’s usually too low for others, so they have to go an octave up.

    Comment by pdxknitterati — 27 Aug 2008 @ 1:39 am

  2. This festival sounds amazing. Lucky you to have so many talents!

    Comment by Chou — 28 Aug 2008 @ 7:03 am

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