FO Friday: Fluttery Top

Fluttery Top

Fluttery Top

Pattern: Fluttery Top/Camellia by Kate Gilbert (Ravel it), heavily modified to be knit top down.
SourceMake It Modern (Classic Elite Yarns)
Materials: Cotton Bam Boo (Classic Elite Yarns)
Amount: 6 balls (~780 yards)
Needles: US 2.50 mm 
Start Date: 8 June 2008
Finish Date: 2 August 2008


So this is the project that broke the proverbial camel’s back and convinced me that I should never even think about following a pattern again.  I shall take ideas from patterns while prepared to modify everything to fit my knitting.  Additionally, I discovered that lace patterns are ridiculously hard to turn upside down.  In fact, I could not do it and ended up kniting the bottom lace pattern upwards and joining it with the top which was knit downwards.  It is a very good thing I like to kitchener!

After blocking, it is a about a half – one inch too wide on each side of the shoulders.  If it was a bit narrower the sleeves would fit like sleeve caps rather than just hanging there fluttering. Oh, hum. In addition, for a slightly better fit, I probably should have put in breast darts. 

On photography: After talking to my friend and photography mentor, Keith, I took this picture using a tripod with the camera on self timer.  The great thing about my camera is that the LCD monitor is on the top and swivels right round.  So I could see what I was taking a picture of before pressing the shutter.


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